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Hide Comments Only show me comments rated: Very synergistic with Heartless Summoning. Vorel of the Hull Clade and Gilder Bairn both offer targeted counter doubling, while any of the proliferate cards you mentioned in your article allow you to go broad. Heads up that once you hit Archmage Overlord, you can change the future: I played this guy in EDH once. Administrator Definitely Not a Kird Ape. The player rating is the overall rating for the card taking into account all player rating votes.

Secondly, cards with powerful counter-based abilities. The First Law, Kingkiller Chronicle. This and Kuphrix is going to be nasty. But what makes this card different? Not every idea works out as intended. What’s interesting is that Alex said he preferred going Golgari—black-green—where possible. John breaks down the idea of a counters-based deck into four sets of components, each contributing to the theme in its own ways.

Everflowing Chalice was my favorite magic card for a while because of how well it combined with proliferate. There are times when you are already running Doubling Season in your Commander deck and need another card that does something similar.

While we’ll be looking at Born of the Gods changes next week, I’d like to go back a little further in time to hit on a topic that came primordlal too late last year to answer: What’s more Commander than that? Please enable JavaScript to get the doubilng experience from this site. Cards that use counters for mana generation. I ended up finally blowing the pacifism up, swinging into one guy, Soul’s Fire another, and then Altar of Dementia the last. Drag in a Furnace of Rath.


‘Tis the New Season? Think Again | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Some of you who play Commander get a real kick off of srason and evolving one deck. I’m sure you can come up with many more, and that doesn’t even include the other new cards in the Commander Edition set! They are frequently powerful enough by themselves, but what if you could ultimate them the turn they hit the board?

How about as many as I want? I built around Vorel of the Hull Clade for a few reasons. Master Biomancer and Forgotten Ancient can ensure your army is stronger than anybody else’s.

Cards that delay and protect you until your counters are set up. The Monstrosity can be easily paid in the doybling devo decks. What are the best commons and uncommons to use with Derevi, Imperial Tactician? Primal Vigor may be just what you needed. With the one-of limitation in Commander decks, you will often find yourself playing those old-school cards that demand you take stock of the table before you play a card.

My favorite use might be on Woodripperloading up on fading counters to eat multiple artifacts for lunch. If you’re feeling dangerous, slap Fatal Attraction on it and watch this guy inflate.

‘Tis the New Season? Think Again

I built it to try and play up the social pri,ordial of the format. That’s the fixed part. Always looking to add beef to my EDH decks. Feeling even more dastardly? Since then, I’ve reconfigured the deck to be more straightforward. There are no comments yet for this card. Platinum Angel provides similar value. It’s your pride and joy, something that you put on display in a flourish because you’ve devoted yourself to it for so long it’s almost an extension of your ego.


We are trying to maximize Primal Vigor, not run a deck that has no use for Doubling Season at all. It’s a ridiculously fun deck—not overpowering, but strong enough to be fun. My rosheen EDH deck is waiting for you But there’s always a silver lining if you look for it, and I have three pieces of feedback that will satisfy the hungriest of counter manipulators.

Doubling Seasonwhat? John breaks down the idea of a counters-based deck seasom four sets of components, each contributing to the theme in its own ways. Gimme back my poison-ality! While Primal Vigor can work in those decks, the collateral damage involved in giving random opponents benefits can be a serious drawback.

But what makes this card different? Vorel also allowed me to explore a more “political” style of play, using my commander and Simic Fluxmage doublong grow my opponents’ creatures.

Also note the wording on Primal Vigor: Alex’s Vorel of the Hull Clade. It’s going straight in my Mayael the Anima deck, though.

That is the risk of running headfirst into something new—you have to be willing to accept when things don’t fall into place. Or maybe you just want to outright win the game with Darksteel Reactor!