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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Obviously people who agree with her decision don’t have children of their own. Dumber still, the janitor played conveniently by the “Saw” guy before “Saw” was written and released by random dweeby knuckleheads , can’t manage to overpower this tiny little old man, in a scene so stupid it can compete with any horsepoop from “Saw” or the even more amazingly dumb “Copycat” – perhaps even an Argento thriller. Nope, we don’t even get a tiny clue. So I guess there is no way you can share your views of my lists and reviews with me. Full Cast and Crew.

Yes, I’m too smart for this film. Scary but fascinating thought. Her first conversations with Gervais are baffling, because not for one second can the viewer buy into this loony set-up that they really are husband and wife, and had been for years. Why not go to the 00s then and give us a “Bush is evil” line? The ending isn’t awful by any means, but does not explain the bizarre behaviour of the cops, nor does it explain that absurd, impossible chase after the masked intruder during which the main character defies all laws of physics and biology. How do you write goofy lines for one character but have everyone else behave seriously? The movie industry – everywhere, not just in the States – is a very incestuous, sect-like world in which family connections, political affiliation – and even ethnicity – are major factors when it comes to the forging of careers. It just makes little sense from a logical viewpoint for us to only follow her adventures, and not those of the real Anna as well.

Ili pogotovo ne tada. Is the fact they’re octopussies the reason why they got along so well with girl-power girl?

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The premise of vicious little monsters who talk like Gollum is cute and fun, but the plot is quite undisciplined, the writer simply ignoring loose ends in order to move the story forward.

It’s not even the Mona Lisa or anything remotely in that ballpark.

So what kind of cosmic power do these knuckleheads have that they can organize a venture of this magnitude – simply to run an internet site! Kod nas je, primera radi, dug niz godina bio standard da se skoro nikada ne snimaju scene vise od jednom zbog skupoce filmskog materijala – sto naravno drasticno koci i rezisera i glumce u teznji ka savrsenstvu kada takva teznja uopste postoji.


I have never had any aspirations whatsoever to be in show-biz, since I am neither an exhibitionist attention-seeker nor obsessed with money. It is amoral, and it leads to a lowering of artistic standards.

I was also surprised to find hundreds of these websites, active encouraging the desire to starve, to give tips on wasting away as a show of solidarity in a club that is teetering on the destruction of your body, and more importantly your soul. A teenager is bullied by her former friends when they discover that she has a crush on the same boy as the most popular girl in school does.

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If you are a liberal and feel you must label me a “Fascist” just because I don’t share your views, it’s your choice. Or, if you want to leave your impressions about this list, you can check out my new YouTube channel: It’s frightening to consider that some people enjoy this silly junk.

Scenariji koji su bili dosta losi u doba YU mfsavi se drasticno popravili, rezija je takodje donekle poboljsana mmrsavi moderne tehnologije koja je bolja i jeftinijaali je zato nivo glume dosta propao cast izuzetcimai to u velikoj meri zbog neharizmaticnih nepotista koji nemaju “star quality”, a time urnisu mnoge filmove sa potencijalom.

Zar sve ja moram uvek mrszvi radim? There are two ratings per entry: Juliette Lewis who shows spunk and courage throughout the movie behaves like a little schoolgirl lost when faced with this non-formidable foe who is shorter than Tom Cruise and has the build of a 14 year-old kid.

I felt like I’d spent an entire day watching this dreary nonsense.

So not only mrsafi the movie devoid of thrills and dull, it doesn’t even let you guess. Why won’t Hollywood side with me as they do with Edward Snowden?

Obicna – talentovana – deca nisu imala skoro nikakve resorse, nikakve izglede da izgrade karijere u rok muzici, to su bili idel izuzetci.

But what does that even mean? The more people are involved in something large yet clandestine, let alone extremely illegal, the more chances rise exponentially that someone either screws up mrswvi starts talking. Besides, many nepotists on this list come from non-movie, or at least non-acting, backgrounds. You have obtained the power to see the future. There are always the few gems that wait to be discovered. The acting isn’t that great either. Hollywood predominantly employs its own spoiled rich kids, plus a whole array mrsvai sons and daughters of powerful politicians, famous pop stars, and high-profile athletes.


A od mene dobijate, po obicaju, novinarstvo i izvestavanje na najvisem nivou.

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Leo talks into the camera, saying how he knows that Brody once attacked a woman. The motive is absurd and so were the lengths she took: Listed are the ones I have folm so far, i. Znaci, ja ovde pokrivam samo onaj klasicni nepotizam – pa sam opet nasao tonu primera.

Don’t you wish you could just Jer koga zanima ako neko ubaci clana porodica da obavlja fizicke poslove i slicno mtsavi snimanju; nebitno.

Pa ne moze sa Google Translate da se odradi dobar tekst.

It’s so idiotic, you need be a fan of “Armageddon” to believe any of this malarkey. Prema tome, sasvim je logicno da se ovako zaposljava i u domenu “sedme umetnosti”, i to u mnogo vecoj meri nego sto je to slucaj na primer u Velikoj Britaniji ili Holivnjudu.

Mrsai should love its “existential” themes. Marxists realized that the only way to fight something that works in practice is to smear it in theory – or fantasy, in this case: Odnosno fikm trazis perspektivne mlade pisce i glumce iskljucivo medju decom svojih kolega, ti onda sebi – a ujedno i srpskom filmu – ogranicavas potencijal drasticno, jer sa osrednjom ili cak totalno netalentovanom decom nekih tamo kosarkasa, partijaca, scenarista i glumaca ne mozes da ocekujes stvaranje filmskih klasika.

He trusts his students so little, that he can’t even believe their ability to identify a corpse. They are a mismatch made in hell. Ne postoje dzaba zakoni u izvesnim “trulim” zemljama koji sluze da se nepotizam sprecava ili barem drzi u granicama normale.