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Actually, make that multiple rivalries: Presumably she’s the candy who’ll reform Shin ha Kyun’s character and over whom he and Jo Dong Hyuk’s characer will fight. He’s willing to marry her if the child is his, he’s wiling to take care of her, and even be her slave. This will be my marathon style watch list later on We had so much fun enjoying the lively steam boat discussion in this playground. She really has only shoes that matter in her life:

Anways, Tae Kang and Ji An together is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring! It’s not professional but it feels real to me. Please change LJW’s image. And I never noticed the balloons at all Yeisha. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: It is said the last person to find out they are in love is oneself.

I am an avid fan of Korean dramas. So she has to find out. I think and feel the same.

Marriage Without Dating Ep 1 Gooddrama

Perhaps is because they are editing a looooooong and steamy webisode? That scene was so sweet. Wasn’t expecting much, but it was awesome! I completely rpisode all interest in the drama after the first half of this episode. Also, unlike others I actually don’t think she’s Medusa.

Korean Drama – Season1: I know how I would fix each of the characters to keep their flaws, but brainn least make them more compelling Episodes by odilettante.


Japanese Drama – 10 Episodes Romeo and Juliet.

TK see’s her differently because from the start he saw how her fathers words hurt her, he has seen her weak and in tears. Their dramacraz is just flying all over my laptop!

She wanted to be a Nun. Mostly I am having a huge H U G E episoee with the story’s pace and development as it is really really really lagging.

I doubt the production house will accept to do any continuation whether as a season 2 for the YT episodes or a film as sequal for the dramabut I really dramacrazzy for one of the dramscrazywith the same actors of course. I will help you row!!! This different timeframe is killing me kkkk. Usually they get replaced by the adult versions. All I can say is the BTS better be of the honeymoon scene and it better be up, close and personal! I think background on the character is necessary.

It’s also the easiest conflict to think up, which makes it boring.

Japanese Drama – Butler – 10 Episodes Drsmacrazy Dramas 7 item list by scp4ever91 1 votes. Her parents are against them being together.

Please take this with the usual grain of salt.


If you go on about how it was in the family straight for generations, it helps. The way I look at it, the steam dramcarazy upset is just a playful emotional outburst. I can be an audience at the flossing session.


She’s just someone who has a lot of responsibility and is serious about her work. Tru2u June 24, at 3: I feel protective of Ji An and I like her very much.

Watch online MR. BRAIN – Episode 7 (EngSub) – Japan Drama |

Skip to secondary content. Legal High is one of the Japanese dramas I am looking forward to watch every week, which is currently airing. Gong Xi sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Bu Puo Shang, so he could become a successful singer. So a cold shower make up love or a bedroom scene will totally wash the chemistry off pullease!

Also, just with the baby plot dungive them much room to be too ambitious He just made the comment and everyone else ran with it. Tae-Kang maturing is the other lesson. I am also fed up with that kind of “childish” attitude from TK. Pretty indecent I must say. Just my opinion and yes, I am bias towards HJ! That was one of the sweetest episodes ever.