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In fact, the ring that Bilbo found was originally just an ordinary, harmless magic ring and nothing more, and Gollum, having no motive to kill Bilbo, happily led him to safety at the conclusion of the riddle game. An interesting example occurs with the Cloverfield franchise, which ended up having to be welded to itself. Trayaurus, of TheDiamondMinecart fame into the series. La Princesse des Glaces RA: The following sequels, Messenger and Son , slowly do away with any ambiguity. Moore’s Providence is an attempt to do this for all of H.

Eclipse The Twilight Saga: In the Fade RA: Though he did give preference to the ones he liked, and especially those written by authors with whom he was personally acquainted; one of the transdimensional ‘jumps’ involved taking the characters into the Lensman universe created by his friend, E. Movie War also adds Kamen Rider Double to the mix. One episode even has Galina and Alouette driving the Mach 5! Yogi, Huck and Jabberjaw were back now crossing over with new characters such as the other Galaxy Goofups and Buford and the Galloping Ghost. Well enough that a s revival of the Mabuse series retains Lohmann as its protagonist. Transformers was split from its very beginning into separate comic and cartoon continuities.

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The DC and Marvel universes were born from this trope; originally, the titles published by each company did not overlap, but over time, cameos, Crossoversand inside references combined to form the comic books into one big, interconnected web. The story of the dragonslayer called Siegfried or Sigurd accounts for the first half of the main plot and the originally unrelated story of the death of the Burgundian kings at the hands of the Huns and their king Atli Attila for the second.

Kim Newman isn’t the only author to tie his personal Verse into the Whoniverse. This fits perfectly with the US film, wherein Japanese characters identify the creature as “Gojira. However, given the nature of the Sugar Bits world and Bleedman’s own wordsthose two comics vean or may not share an universe and this will remain unresolved until Endling, creator of Ever Afterwill confirm it.

Donald Kingsbury ‘s Psychohistorical Crisis: Joe the everyman and Bran the barfly are brothers, Danae the little girl and her little sister are Joe’s daughters and Flo is Joe and Bob’s mother. Gods cross over from one campaign setting to another, spells exist under different names, and so on. Back in the day, Alan Moore sketched out a unified Warrior timeline, the most notable aspect of which was that, in an Alternate Universe where Micky Moran never regained his memories and powers, Emil Gargunza went on to build Fate, Norsefire ‘s supercomputer.


Burn Out RA: The canonical explanation of how multiversal singularities work, using The Fallen as an example, truly has to be read to be believed. Dilm Of The Lycans Underworld: So basically everything with Shotaro Ishinomori ‘s name on it officially coexists now, even if you rilm take Goranger vs.

All of Christopher Moore ‘s varied books appear to take place in the same verse, whether the setting is modern suburban California or Israel in Jesus’s time.

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In the mids, writer Simon Furman ruled that every single Transformers continuity forms part of a massive multiverse of different timelines, dimensions and universes, and sometimes featured crossovers in his stories for example, the Generation One Galvatron and several others making a cameo appearance in a Transformers Armada comic. We’re going to do some of his other screenplays. Trayaurus, of TheDiamondMinecart fame into the series. Lovecraft story Pickman’s Model — which ties it to all the Lovecraft stories mentioned below.

Mahou MUSH is a Magical Girl -themed game set in Tokyothe setting of which adapts many magical girl series and a number of original player-created themes into a single continuity.

Jack Kirby is the Trope Codifier. Roland Smith linked his Jacob Lansa series with the standalone book Sasquatch by having Buckley Johnson, a character from the latter, appear in the third Jacob Lansa book.

While the first six seasons were all one storyline and the seventh Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was a direct sequel, each one past that has been self-contained; though many would make mbbc3 references to prior seasons or at least eventually team up with the prior season’s cast.

The Toho version of King Kong is a very altered version, though, considering that he has more raw power, is intelligent enough to learn and adapt to situations, and lives on Mondo Island instead of Skull Island. The manga Dub and Peter 1EscapeGo! Eddie remains “just” Eddie. Dude — and gives them in a shared continuity they never had before.

Almost all of Morrison’s DC works gean tied to each other, as well to the real worldforming a big “Morrisonverse”. Also, the books Dolores Claiborne and Gerald’s Game refer to each other, as the female protagonists of the books have a psychic link, having times when they suddenly get the feeling that this other person, whom they don’t know, is somehow in danger.

Clarke ‘s Venus Prime series by Paul Preuss have as their premise that many of Clarke’s stories are set in a bran Verse. Comrade chairman, I am the future! The Shattered Image crossover made the split official. This resulted in creating a fanon multiverse. Both of these had previously made appearances in his “Colonization” series, suggesting that the “War With The Outs” stories take place earlier in the same universe.


Not to be confused with welding artillery.

It wasn’t until The Lord of the Rings was being written that Tolkien decided that it was the ring, and he revised the Bilbo-Gollum encounter in order to make it more sinister.

As a result, Freddy and ” Kit Freeman ” were revealed to be brothers. For example, Shizuo from Durarara mentions getting into a fight with person strongly implied to be one of the Baccano!

What are you going to do when you finish Inception? Then Moore quit Warrior and the book collapsed before any of this could actually appear. Hanna-Barbera hit this trope super heavy to the point regardless of Continuity Snarl most people assume HB as a whole has a Shared Universe. Although the Showtime revival The Outer Limits was an anthology show, it usually ended its seasons with money-saving clip shows tying multiple prior episodes together into a single continuity.

This is especially common for roleplays themed around a specific genre or franchise: Part II The Godfather: Notes and Nazis based on The Sound of Music: Kate Elliott has confirmed that her new Crossroads trilogy of fantasy novels is actually a fictional story within the context of her earlier Jaran series of SF novels.

Will you continue with another movie after Casablanca? Some writers even took an advantage of it to make their webcomics more popular.

Feist’s college role-playing buddies. The reason why at the end of Chosen the media doesn’t report the Antichrist’s eban is that they’re controlled by supervillains from Wanted.

While the Inn Between the Worlds or the ” spooky jamjar ,” in which the various characters somehow travel or are transported from their home settings into an original setting, is probably most common, some roleplays opt instead to adapt the source works into a compler shared world.

As an aside, Moore is a close friend to Moorcock, close enough that Moorcock has allowed Moore to put in some Moorcock characters into the League series free of charge. The Gundam franchise started off with only the Universal Century timeline under the auspices of creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. It went beyond just planning; there were figures of Robotech mecha sold in Exo Squad -branded packaging.