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Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Read More Posted Nov 27, Where can it go from here? The Girl in the Spider’s Web Read More Posted Oct 25, The thought crosses the mind:

La Grande illusion Grand Illusion How to Train Your Dragon: Isn’t It Romantic It’s valedictory, with a sense of the ephemeral nature of life, the inevitability of regret, and the bittersweetness of looking back on past happiness. Read More Posted Nov 3, Read More Posted Oct 27,

Read More Posted Nov 3, The sfgaet is overlong, at times confusing, and it’s self-important, with a soundtrack that keeps telling us we feel things that we don’t. Read More Posted Jan 10, Read More Posted Oct 16, To his credit, he does the one thing that would most seem impossible: Read More Posted Dec 23, But the script makes it a close call.

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There’s something so deeply right about this movie, so true to the showtomes depicted and so welcome in this moment; so light in its touch, so properly respectful of its characters, and so big in its spirit that the movie acquires a glow. It’s remarkable, the range of behavior that Colman harmonizes into one complex humanity, from the sublimely sweet to the grotesque.


Read More Posted Dec 11, Read More Posted Dec 21, This is a moderately but consistently entertaining film, with but one extraordinary thing about it, which is Saoirse Ronan in the title role. Read More Posted Jan 3, There are moments here that are exhilarating.

But the bigger thing about this film is that it makes us think about humanness, what it means, what it is, and what it might be in the future. But the film suffers from a near fatal lack of story The Girl in the Spider’s Shoetimes French cinema has a lot going for it, but the one thing Americans do best is story.

Read More Posted Feb 13, Read More Posted Dec 12, Read More Posted Nov 27, Merely adopting sgowtimes formula is easy – that happens all too often. How to Train Your Dragon: The greatest World War I movie ever made and there were lots of good ones The quality of the actors and emotional potency of the subject keep “What They Had” from being a completely wasted effort.


It’s to take that journey with her. Read More Posted Nov 12, La Grande illusion Grand Illusion Pike triumphs in this emotionally and physically taxing role.

Read More Posted Feb 8, Read More Posted Jan 22, Read More Posted Dec 19, The Hidden World The third installment in the animated “How to Train Your Dragon” series is a lovely movie that takes real chances. The Hidden World Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

Read More Posted Dec 20, By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive sfgste from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Impossible – Fallout