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Critics don’t love the film. I think it brings up interesting topics and things people should think about. There’s an attempted suicide which also shows the lengths to which Martha will go for her man’s affections when it appears he might turn his love towards someone else. They then met rich old ladies through the correspondence, killed them and took their money. Bare in mind, nothing I ordered was big keychains and necklaces and couls easily be put into one small and cheap! The rest are either slimy Ray , monstrous Martha or pathetic the victims. They will be caught up by the cops from New York because he starts enjoying killing simple witnesses or passers-by.

There are scenes that play like comedy when they should be tragic: Well there’s none of that in this show. Well, I nearly laughed when the scene came on. Written by Anonymous November 26, Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are next to non-existent. When so many “directors” are allowed to release mediocrities by the dozen,when almost every thriller looks like the one before?

I recieved an email saying it had been shipped by air and had arrived weeks ago Funny really as I am still here waiting Finally they emailed to tell me they had shipped it to a different address that I had apparently put down Again this is looking like my computer was having a really bad day as it messed up a few times with the AUTOFILL given that it has been used hundred of times with no issues Helpful answer sccam Votes Thanks for voting!

The sfam review This review Two small-time murdering cons deeply in love with one another in some twisted kind of way.

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Just caught this last night on TCM. The murders don’t even begin to happen until three quarters of the way through. To appreciate the shock value of the violence a viewer needs to remember that this was filmed before all the extended gore and homicides we see now in movies like “Henry: Well, that’s enough for Martha. Helped me decide 4. Martha was to be his next victim, but she has his number, and because she loves him so decides to force him to partner up with her.


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And do some of you know if they ship worldwide? Read my mind 5. Well there’s none of that in this show. Well, I nearly laughed when the scene came on. Tony Lo Bianco plays a Latin cad who meets women through a dating service, happily strings them along and marries them under an alias before taking off with their money; after meeting Shirley Stoler’s possessive, mercurial Martha, he almost reluctantly allows his deceptions to turn into a series of murders.

Scarecrow 16 February Relevant teenage issues such as moviie and self-esteem are discussed and highlighted thoroughly.

I’ve not received a response, a refund, or the original item ordered. The other murder scene was filmed equally badly.

The Spanish production Profundo Carmesi covers the same ground as does Kastle’s, but with its strengths the present movid remains the definitive account, and the Region 1 DVD release includes an informative half-hour interview with the director.

The way this film is shot, with its grainy black and movei footage, murky sound, bright whites and dark shadows, only adds to its incredibly unsettling nature. It’s a complete mystery, yet it happened.

Simply one of THE great American movies!

Sleazeball Masterpiece dougdoepke 14 September It does have some things going for it: When Martha discovers that Raymond is a gigolo who planned on using her for her money, she ditches her job as a nurse, plants her mother in a rest home, and omvie off to live with him, becoming his partner in crime.


I looked up the real criminals and was equally blown away. Because,credible,this movie is,and not because it is a true story: Stoler has a keep ability to show the distraught nature of a woman wrought with self-loathing regarding her weight problems.

This is one of the most ambitious side of the screenplay: But if you want to see a movie where character comes first, and action second, seek this classic out. In fact, it’s a betrayed Martha who finally puts a stop to things. Yes, but there the similarity ends.

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Multiple emails telling me it’s on the way. The whole movie depicts her pursuit of happiness. Beverly Stoler plays Martha, an overweight nurse, who leads a boring life with her senile mother and her pesky neighbour. Lo Bianco and Stoler argue constantly, yet we can’t see why he is so devoted to her or why he changed his course of action for her in the first place.

Although I do appreciate the support there I still kind of wanted a confirmation email A week until Christmas I decided to email in and break radio silence Had useful details 2. And in my little book, that’s a genuine achievement. It is fascinating to view Martha at the start of the film and witness her drastic change to homicidal maniac.

At the time of its release there was nothing quite like it.

Fernandez was a con man who met lonely women through “Lonely Hearts Friendship Clubs,” married them, and then robbed scsm blind. There are scenes that play like comedy when they should be tragic: