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He will spit many Pobodos up into the air and they will, in essence, rain down upon you. Being a dragon he is obviously going to do that. Repeat this a few times, and the land of Holodrum is safe once again! After slashes of his ruby, he will perish and you will be victorious. The speed helps you avoid Onox’s attacks with ease. This page was last edited on 27 December , at Usually he does his attacks in this order:

However, there is a larged spiked ball in the room, which you can pull down and move with the Magnetic Gloves. The only time you can attack him is when he lands and stops for a second on one of the two middle islands in the place, which is where you should be standing to dodge his attacks. After obtaining the Boomerang Oh no! One way is to keep slashing your sword and standing still, so eventually they will run into your sword. Dodongo is armored with skin impervious to weapons, so he can’t be harmed by a sword. This boss is on your way to the Unicorn’s Cave and he isn’t really that tough. When Manhandla has lost all its flowers, it will start skittering around the room in a figure-eight pattern. When his eye opens up, then you must shoot it with your newly found Slingshot and shoot him in the eye.

Onox will assume his true form, Dark Dragon, after taking a pounding. He will spit out blue fire that hones in on you as you move.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Boss FAQ for Game Boy Color by A.K.A – GameFAQs

Seasona is a large spider that has a huge pincer claw and an appetite for heroes in green. Mothula resides in a room with a moving mechanical floor, which is surrounded by Blade Traps.

Tornado Storm – This attack is sesons as it says. Views Read View source View history. After a while, Mothula will get tired and settle on one of the two platforms in the middle of the room, vulnerable to attack.


Manhandla This fight requires the Magical boomerang.

Views Read Edit View history. These together can make it pretty difficult, but you must avoid them. Found in what level and the dungeon name Attacks: This attack actually does go pretty fast, and using Pegasus seeds are recommended. You must avoid his attacks to deliver effective hits. Meanwhile, don’t stand there and wait. What he will do is he will just make some holes in the ground for mohhula to fall through. For this reason it helps to upgrade the Magic Meter before fighting Mothula.

Mothula – Zelda Dungeon Wiki

Gohma For this two part battle you will need the slingshot and your sword. As Link does not have any of the aforementioned equipment at the time, it must be stunned with the Deku Leaf and attacked with the Sword. Other than that the strategy for this is to simply hold out until he does the splat attack. Chronologically, the two Oracle games take place in the “Hero is Defeated” timeline after A Link to the Pastand either after or immediately before Link’s Awakening.

He will be forced to reenter the boss chamber by using the trampoline, and the battle will be restarted from the beginning, no matter how much damage has been dealt to Mothula.

Fire Shot – This is the simplest of the fire attacks, basically what he does is that he shoots fire out and it creates 4 Pobodos of fire. The Adventure of Link. Swipe – This is the hardest attack, in my opinion, to dodge. Horn Fire – This is an attack that he does fairly often, you will know it happens because his horn will flash red and he will fire three red fire attacks at you.

Every so often they will throw in where he doesn’t do the double laser, but that is rare. When there are all four heads still there the fireballs usually will be kothula two or three at a time, and less each time you defeat a head. Ganon is by far, the toughest and true final boss of the game. For this attack the Dragon will breath out blue fire in a straight line in your direction. It is pretty easy to dodge, just make sure that you are dodging it and keeping sesons eye on the other Poe.


First the fireballs, then the charge if you get motuula close. Mothula circles around the room, shooting fireballs at you as it flies. She will attack with her claw, and attempt to grab you and smash you into the floor.

Oracle Of Seasons Boss Guide

Basically the best thing to do is stand up against one wall and jump when he comes along that wall, and you wont have to deal with that anymore. Link can deflect their skulls back at them with the Whirlwind and then attack with the sword to defeat then. The best way to dodge this is to simply jump right before he gets to you so he rolls right underneath you.

Oracle of Seasons Platform: The best way to dodge it and stay with the Dark Dragon is to hold your ground until just before he breathes out, then sidestep it a little bit and watch it go past you. One Arrow shot can defeat them instantly.

You need the power bracelet and some bombs sesons this fight, so make sure you’re stocked up. He will attempt to spit a large fireball at you, or charge after you when you get close.

After slashes of his ruby, he will perish and you will be victorious. With your Wooden Sword, it shouldn’t take too many hits on the Minotaur so you, in essence, can kill both of them.