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You could say that everyone has a little eccentric inside of them, but only few would dare express it as their full personality. Lord Charlie Mortdecai played by Johnny Depp is a pompous, wealthy art dealer who tries to portray himself as classy, comes off of a goof. I knew it wasn’t going to be brilliant, but I like Johnny Depp and thought it would be at least a fun, bumbling action-comedy, a genre that is a ‘guilty pleasure’ of mine. We get another quirky eccentric with Mortdecai. The same goes with Mortdecai’s wife gagging when they try to kiss. Being an avid cinema goer and comedy lover I decided to go and watch Mortdecai,a seemingly alright film. The only one constantly by his side is Jock Strapp Paul Bettany , his trusty protector who does whatever he can to assure the safety of his friend, even if that means taking a bullet for the poor soul on several different occasions, usually as a result of Mortdecai’s own personal error. The film functions in such a way that leads one to believe Aronson took down a list of humorous scenarios to trap his lead character in before constructing them and robbing them of any and all things funny.

The remaining jokes are painfully dumb as well and are basically showcases of the complete stupidity of Mortdecai’s character. Mortdecai’s investigations unveil that the painting was once taken by Nazis and may have codes on it that lead to a lost Swiss bank account. Not for a mainstream adult audience that will see this as too highbrow. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! Depp plays Lord Charlie Mortdecai, an eccentric art dealer who can’t keep his hands off his curly mustache, a feature he boasts to fall in line with the other Mortdecai men of past generations and something that serves as an incessant running gag throughout the whole film. We get another quirky eccentric with Mortdecai. At this point, the film has effectively given us an insufferable character lead character and a disorganized mess of a plot that can’t help but interrupt itself; once you have a film destroy its two pioneering elements, all you have left are aesthetics, and so very few films have gotten by on those principles alone. If you do decide to see it, get a lighter ready; your going to want to burn you ticket.


Something feels off or unsettled about the production, and one begins to fear if they’re in for a mediocre or downright awful event, despite quietly hoping the film turns around or gains some sort of balance.

One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! I kept wishing “Mortdecai” would go from stumbling to at least being able to strut with some control, but such optimism was foolish. I think I laughed once during this subtitels. It will hurt both your brain and your wallet.

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Often you will find these people associated with comedies as they make it aware that the characters behavior is more out of place, even if the world subgitles live in is exaggerated or romanticized. It’s hard to decide where to start when pointing out the flaws of a dreadful movie like this, but I’ll first start by saying that the writing is horrendous. And while each scene promises a brisk spurt of delightful madcap energy, we’re morydecai derailed into tedious conversations overdosing on witty and clever.

Obsessed with his mustache, his gorgeous wife Johanna Gwyneth Paltrowand whilst running into trouble at every turn, Mortdecai must travel all around the world to discover a stolen painting said to have a code to a lost bank account that is filled with stolen Nazi gold. This is one of the worst, most grating cinematic experiences I’ve had in recent memory.

It’s exhaustive and aggressively silly, proving time and time again that if you make a film about a character who cannot take himself seriously, in turn, audiences will not be able to take the film seriously and dismiss it on-sight. Language Set favourite s Login. I have no clue for who this movie was made for. A Goya painting is stolen from a woman that was working on restoring the artwork.

I too consider myself an eccentric with my oddball quirks and strange interests including amusement park history and animation. All the factors that a good comedy should not have.

Please, the jortdecai to comedy is not repetition. Overall, “Mortdecai” is an embarrassingly bad comedy that tries to be funny, but the horrible quality of the movie is the real joke.

This is something that I wish more movies would try to cut away from and simply explain that this is your hero and he’s this way just because.


For example, he walks into a hotel in Mortcecai Angeles and sees people in bikinis and claims that he accidentally went to the set of a porno.

I just got back from seeing this and it’s honestly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The lazy writers decided to use the modtdecai jokes not once, not twice, but several times because they can’t think of anything better to write! Eric Aronson screenplayKyril Bonfiglioli nove Writer: Lord Charlie Mortdecai played by Johnny Depp is a pompous, wealthy art dealer who tries to portray himself as classy, comes off of a goof.

Cinema is a large home to this breed of person.

I was hoping this would work, but this just may be his lowest point. I can tell he’s trying his hardest, but no other actor could have saved it from it’s shockingly unfunny script.

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He has a thing for Johanna, so he contacts Mortdecai for his services, knowing that this would keep the eccentric busy while he shbtitles cozy with the wife. Ever since the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, Sutitles has continuously been giving headlining roles in projects with enormous budgets that have either barely broke even, went on to be record box office bombs, or simply withered away without anything of a pop culture impact.

The storyline here is enough to drive you mad, not because it’s confusing, but it’s restless and often interrupted by a legion of weakly-written supporting roles from the likes of great actors like Olivia Munn and Ewan McGregor. We get another quirky eccentric with Mortdecai. Certainly not for children as this has an R rating.

With such a star studded cast and high budget i can not believe how far off the mark this film was. What should have been a subittles made sibtitles heaven, Pink Panther-like movie will only stand as an embarrassment to a really talented individual who should be ashamed of himself!

To conclude, do not pay to watch this movie.