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Darkwing becomes fed up with the cold , so he decides to go on a vacation. Posing as a psychiatrist Quackerjack convinces Darkwing that being a superhero isn’t right for him. Darkwing discovers that Major Trenchrot is planning to open a vacation villa for villains. This episode was never allowed to air again after its initial broadcast because of its religiously sensitive subject matter. He decides to ruin Christmas by taking control of all of St. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In fact, they constituted a single production season, but Disney originally kept the ABC episodes separate from the syndicated episodes for distribution purposes. Gander Hooter knowing that Darkwing is innocent as Darkwing was with him when the crime spree began , he arranges for the hero to use an experimental S.

When Megavolt and QuackerJack start a fire that soon starts to spread throughout the whole city, Launchpad and Gosalyn have to try to get DW out of his repressed state. In order to solve the mystery of this unusual paleontological specimen, Darkwing uses Quackerjack’s timetop to travel to the prehistoric past. Moliarty, the fiendish genius marketer and mole from the deep underground, has rallied his fellow race for an attack to take over the surface city of St. This episode was never allowed to air again after its initial broadcast because of its religiously sensitive subject matter. Tuskernini utilizes a special camera gun to pull characters directly out of the movies and into the real world. It’s a Wonderful Life. She sneaks back into time with Quackerjack’s timetop and brings them to the present.

Edit Did You Know? Canard in pursuit of Steelbeak.


As director of a specially crafted criminal force, he takes them out on the town to do his bidding. The only problem is that Darkwing has agreed to let Launchpad assume the role as hero and be a sidekick himself for this mission. Edit Details Release Date: Share this Rating Title: The Cute Little Lost Bunnies!

“Darkwing Duck” Hot Spells (TV Episode ) – IMDb

A total of 91 episodes were made. Things don’t get too childish and it is all easy to follow.

There are two versions of this episode, in one Jambalaya Jake lures Darkwing to a tower by having Gumbo bite a power line episodfs, in the other, Jamablaya Jake lures Darkwing to the power company by causing a black out by pouring hot sauce into a telephone. Someone morgans stealing the money in Saint Canard by erasing all ink on the banknotes and leaving them nothing but worthless papers.

I’m Okay, You’re Okay.

Gosalyn is now under Darkwing’s protection, but Taurus Bulba is still out to get her, believing she has the Waddlemeyer Ramrod arming code. A day at the beach gets turned upside down when the gang has to deal with attacks from sea creatures. The last ingredient he needs is a feather from a true hero: Christine Cavanaugh is a major part of why Gossalyn works so well as a character, and Terence McGovern is note-perfect for Launchpad.

The Grapes of Wrath. Gosalyn tries to find a shortcut to learning magic. A Star Is Born.

Audible Download Audio Books. Planet of the Apes. Darkwing Duck has been zapped with Megavolt’s tronsplitter, separating his good side from his bad. The body-stealing hats from outer space break mccswber from captivity, bent once again to rule or destroy the universe — this time with a grudge against the young genius.


Hot Spells

With Darkwing out of the picture, the criminal is free to go on a crime jccawber. Can he defeat a new and improved Terminator machine in his condition? Gander Hooter knowing that Darkwing is innocent as Darkwing was with him when the crime spree beganhe arranges for the hero mkrgana use an experimental S. Megavolt, Heatwave, Lightwave and Radiowave. In the Negaverse, everything is the extreme opposite of his world and Negaduck is supreme ruler, so Darkwing decides to use his new friends The “Friendly Four” to change things a bit, which Negaduck does NOT like.

Hartman plays the voice of the evil Paddywhack on the syndicated series ‘Darkwing Duck’ ,organa today. Tuskernini decides to use the revelation to his own advantage, but fails when the real Darkwing Duck gets in the way.

Both Darkwing and Quackerjack end up trapped in Whiffle Boy video game. The specific airdates episodess ten of the final twelve Disney Afternoon episodes, broadcast between April and Mayare not currently available. Now Jamabalya is using Launchpad as a partner in crime, and Darkwing is getting all the blame for it.

Darkwing discovers that the thief is Ammonia Pine, a woman, who used to be a maid until some dangerous chemicals caused her to be obsessed with cleaning. But Drake’s already a hostage himself.