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I visited the company office for several times for cancel the agreement but they are not ready for it. Else I would have wasted my time. Does anyone know about Globaltaj Pride Services? Wonder whether such a rampant misuse of personal information is legal! They operate in many states with a different company name- In mumbai, it is a Grand Tourio and in Gujarat, it is a World tourio. My sis declined, intrigued I decided to fill it.

Conclusively, people please do not sign such offer coupons neither accept them if you already did. Crap things, they keep calling and irritating!! Sit back and enjoy your shopping. We people earned money by job from so many years. Thanks for the nice article and enlightening me Guruprasad. But, my wife filled in this. PVR Kukatpally makes movie going an experience, where you can relax, unwind and laugh along with your favourite stars.

How are the Hotels accommodating these fraudulent activities??

PVR Kukatpally – Go for an Amazing Movie Experience

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Thank You Soomuch for sharing such an important information…….

Instead as this blog mentioned there is a country club office exactly on that road. They kept on calling many times. Even I gave my kkkatpally in a mall at Bangalore last week. When I insisted about this they told some function is there in that location only for married couples.

Tomorrow I am about to go. Today I got the same call from Koramangala Forum Mall and they were asking for married couple only. Yes, we did get the kitchen set non branded glass bowls and gift coupons. In our country lots of companies trying to fool people, wasting money and time which marks every stupidity. Today i got a call nd saying same shit… Total 30k gift… In that rs surprise gift and rs kitchen set and rs gift voucher for some resort accommodation…. Fake promotional activities should be stopped by Country Club.

My wife thought they are inox guy and filled the detail as we were late for movie. If selected we could go to any location hot spot in India. Already doubtful I text Neha via sms to send me what the name of her company was. Thanks a ton for writing this.


Every time they call like this and this time I was gonna be in trap. I have unnecessarily wasted Rs 15, She immediately kept the phone in a hush hush way….

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PVR Kukatpally makes movie going an experience, where you can relax, unwind and megwstore along with your favourite stars. All they have done is the false commit commitment false promises. I was about to visit with my parents! Also, I went along with my boyfriend and we told them that we were newly engaged. I just got a call today from a similar group. Really helpful Just now got the call from them n they were telling same things what you have posted.

I got a similar lucky draw call from Viviana mall Mumbaiasked us to come for celebration at World Dept Store and collect confirmed gifts like: The price was revealed only at the very end of the presentation after about 90 minutes of showcasing exotic holidays, excellent facilities, the convenience and value provided by the Country Club membership and it was a 6 digit figure.

While i am tryping this comment he called me up again and was pestering me to come and not miss out on a opportunity to megastoore free stuff.

After we reached the landmark near which the gift distribution location was supposed to be located, we found nothing at all. Then came the time for parting gift, which was promised. Third class gifts — 6 pieces plastic bowls. Im about to fall in their trap. I declined all his offers and disconnected the call. But my mother, new to the city and its happenings, was always intrigued by this lucky draw prize thing and wanted to pursue it further and see what happens.

I hate these lucky draw schemes planners. Not sure how to come out of it. I also have the same experience as narrated here. Thanks a lot for giving the information and sharing your experience with lucky draw coupin and how they mislead all people. We sat in one of those tables with one of those presenters, who told us about our prize — a kitchen item and a couple of sponsored items from Country Club.


Anyway thank you ShivaKrishna for sending me the link. Have we ever realized that they give the coupons for everyone who enters the mall whether they buy anything or not. Got similar call today. And I am also planning to visit but thank god I searched about it on internet and I got this information from you. My wife got similar call from this guys as she filled some details at inox mumbai ,malad location, where few guy was standing inside inox and asking for some details.

PVR Kukatpally is a renowned brand of cinemas, showcasing multiple movies at a time in several languages. You can also snack on yummy food and drinks of your choice while you watch the movie. Thankfully, knowing the area well, I knew that there are no offices or large buildings in the address they gave meso googled my query and voila, your blog comes up, talking about the same modus operandi.

Yes, nothing in this world is free. They will never give back our money once we paid.

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A search party is out as I am writing this post. Both asked me to come with Husband and Wife otherwise entry is not permitted for single either wife or husband.

I got a call from them yesterday,this time ukkatpally they said I won the 30, worth coupans of brand factory and 2 days free resort package and worth dine in restaurent.