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He finds Clay drinking in his study, pretending to instead lecture the stuffed bear Orel shot about the Fifth Commandment “Honor thy father and thy mother” or, as Clay phrases it, “Honor thy father. The competition begins as both Orel and the leader of the Begging Mantises start praying with an obviously large amount of effort. Sculptham a necklace and he instantly becomes her favorite pupil, though her favor does not extend beyond circling Doughy’s “F” with a heart. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Episode 12 of After hearing his speech, Censordoll quickly concedes the race and leaves.

Orel’s real friends become concerned about his dangerous interest in Joe, so they go off to find Clay and tell him about the situation. During this time, a terrified Orel accidentally fires the pistol he is holding and shouts “Dad! The two strike up a tenuous friendship and move into an apartment together. It appears that the hunting trip is going to be a catalyst for a complete puppington family breakdown, not just Orel’s relationship with his father. Puffington pretty much abuse herself for sexual pleasure and, as a result, I learned something from Wikipedia when researching the subject for this post was shocking. Dogma literally starts stressing Orel as the heads of Clay, Fakey, Putty, and the nurse, all on dog bodies, start verbally attacking Orel. Man this is depressing. Doughy wants Clay’s approval and craves attention, so he happily takes the task.

From Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to a Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite moments from the Oscars. The band’s Wikipedia article episods into helpful detail if you’re interested. Believing in showing strength by being weak, Orel continually gets beaten up by Walt everyday until Bloberta complains to Clay about the blood on Orel’s clothes and that she would need to double her detergent budget.

After Orel’s punishment, Clay asks him if he’d like to go on a father-son outing. She then goes to the hardware store and buys a jackhammer, intending to use it as her new dildo.

The final shot of the episode comes in the form of Clay staring into his drink. Orel then notices oreo father’s hunting trophy, prompting Clay to take him on his first hunting trip.

Later, Florence finds herself alone at an all-you-can-eat buffet with Putty, and manages to drag him back to her apartment. This short summary will cover 5 out of the 12 episodes in the season Numb, Help, Passing, Sacrifice, Honoreach being the most important of the show.

C&C – Morel Orel – “Numb” [10/9]

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Stopframe tells Orel that Joe isn’t quite settled into the Christianity scene yet, and so asks him if he wouldn’t mind being the boy’s “Bible buddy”.

Clay rants about relationships and tries to goad everyone into hitting him, but instead the morxl and three men walk out of the bar, deciding that he’s not worth it.

After listening to a Christian-themed children’s record extolling the virtues of turning the other cheek even in the face of a beating, Orel takes this advice to heart when he is confronted and beaten up by Walt, the school bully. Orel learns that rpisode should do everything they can to keep their wives happy.

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But this is just as good. When Orel asks if he should spank Clay after he admitted that he was wrong, they share a laugh, but Clay quickly refuses. Daikun Long Live the Fighter! This is called to his mother’s attention, and she tells him about the divorce. Putty, annoyed, shoos Orel away and happily purchases a new heart-shaped waste basket to replace one that was stolen years ago.

Puppington actually miscarried ten times before successfully bearing Clay and it is hinted this is due to her smoking, drinking, and engaging in strenuous activities such as jumping on a trampoline or riding roller-coasters during her other pregnancies; she says she was too busy praying while pregnant with Clay to do any of these things.

It leads Orel to a sex shop. While staying over at Doughy’s house, Orel unwittingly leads Doughy to realize the neglect he experiences at the hands of his parents, especially that they never call him “son”. Clay is reluctant to ban the eggs, claiming Censordoll has a lot of power in the town and that banning eggs would be wrong.

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Knowing that good Christians never waste anything, Orel is obliged to smoke it, and becomes hooked to the extent that he starts injecting it. Had the show not been cancelled and cut down to 13 episodes, the show’s second half would have played out quite differently: After hearing his speech, Censordoll quickly concedes the race and leaves.

The next day at school, Orel gets into an argument with his teacher, Ms. Speaking to his inner need for a mother, Censordoll promises to mother him and assures that her barren body will be all the tension release he needs, if only he listens to her.

Seeing various fathers bonding with children, Doughy becomes more depressed. Morao decides to give Orel a Prince Albert piercing. Originally posted by Gobias This episode was really great, and I’m really hoping for an actual finale at the end of the season.


Conflicted, he wants to help but is afraid that would be a sign of losing faith, Orel turns to spisode father who tells him to simply elisode to himself”. When Block screeches at her, she realizes they accidentally switched children with the Posabules, and goes to get Shapey.

Sculptham returns papers and compliments Doughy’s “C-“, calling him “son”, though in a condescending fashion. However, things turn rocky when Doughy runs out of money and Ms. There, he asks the owner Stephanie, a woman wearing all black who has many piercings, for a piercing that will increase the pleasure of intercourse.

Moral Orel Lost Episodes? Dove posso trovare tutte le stagioni di supernatural sub Ita? At the school gym, Coach Stopframe notices Orel’s piercing.

You could always see the black ugliness poking out of the cracks in the facade of Moralton throughout the series which I actually found to be slightly more disturbing than when it was more obvious. Orel runs off in search of virgin kids while Stopframe informs Clay that everything is all right. Stopframe, meanwhile, has become completely apathetic towards everyone except Orel. Bloberta is seen going home where her mother, younger brother, eldest sister, and father are all singing.

In the fall, the two are having a debate.

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Moral Orel, is one of the most deserving of the 11 minute shows to actually have a decent series finale. Unsure if this is an acceptable practice, Orel asks his mother who tells him that women should receive everything from their husbands and denies that the Bible states that “[i]t is better to mkral than to receive”.

After refusing to so much as look at Bloberta, he receives a call from Clay, who tells him that he shot Orel in the leg, while Bloberta, only slightly affected when Orel’s name pops up, gazes distantly at the wall.

Orel is scolded not for having gone and done something he knew was wrong, like bashing two innocents with a baseball bat, but for neglecting all his other friends in favor of one single friend. Orel does so and is caught by Nurse Bendy, who calls Orel’s father, Clay.