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The wedding ensues and their usual habits begin; Clay drinks through the whole wedding and Bloberta angrily watches and cleans obsessively. On the wall behind them are photos of an adult Shapey and Block, who have become a policeman and a fireman respectively, and the still presumably unhappily-married Clay and Bloberta. A saddened Orel returns to the shop, where Stephanie explains that Orel saw his own “Closeface”. Reverend Putty, as dejected as the rest of the congregation, delivers a quick Easter sermon about how nothingness can mean hope, as when the tomb was opened after Jesus’ death. Sculptham returns papers and compliments Doughy’s “C-“, calling him “son”, though in a condescending fashion. Connections Featured in Bloodworks: There, he asks the owner Stephanie, a woman wearing all black who has many piercings, for a piercing that will increase the pleasure of intercourse.

Although Orel is skeptical about this sort of behavior, he remembers what he learned about friendship and loyalty, and so reluctantly joins in on Joe’s “fun” at the sake of spending time with his own friends. That night, Orel sees his father drowning his sorrows at the local pub. Presents for God Full Episode S 2: Despite his pleas for reason and sanity, the doctor responds by having Nurse Bendy sedate him. Potterswheel’s handkerchief at home. Her mother appears to be very domineering, praising her other children yet neglecting Bloberta. Reverend Putty, Officer Papermouth and Potterswheel later join him, with Putty breaking up with Florence as he enters. Putty tries to make it clear to Orel that he doesn’t need to atone, that God understands that he was innocent.

But in the process, Orel discovers his parents engaging in sex games, regarding his mother cleaning another man’s house as a form of “wife-swapping” his father has forced her to do with a friend, in omline to watcu sexual pleasure from watching her clean a stranger’s home. Numb Full Episode S 3: At Forghetty’s, we see Clay leaning in to kiss Daniel Stopframe, but quickly stops to “tend to business” with Censordoll.

Censordoll’s obsession with chicken eggs is due to the fact that she does not possess human eggs herself: Although the STD was clearly contracted from Bendy, the earlier guidance leads Fakey to assume that his wife was responsible and promptly throws her out of the house, ending watfh marriage. Episode 3 of The children at school are learning how to be safe on Halloween.

Frustrated, Clay goes to Orel, apologizing albeit half-heartedly for being a poor father and shooting him and ,oral to know her plans. His joy though is squashed when Stephanie reveals that she is his daughter.

Putty tells Orel that no matter what day of the year it is, God is the only thing you should ever mmoral because he creates hurricanesdiseases, and foreign cultures.


Orel now seems to be completely numb to Clay’s threats and pleas to keep his job.

Returning home, he goes into his father’s study and helps himself to the liquor supply. A bear soon comes along, attracted by the smell of the roasting dog carcass, and turns its attention to Clay; Orel is forced to shoot the bear in order to save his father.

Very grateful over the encounter, a relaxed and cigarette-smoking Putty thanks Orel and suggests that “every Christian should experience such glory”.

Kim cheerfully claims that she’s not interested in the opposite sex and kisses Stephanie. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV.

Orel wonders why God would let people be retarded, leading to his father declaring mental retardation “God’s blunders” and that people don’t understand “God’s blunders” because these “mistakes” are part of God’s master plan that humans ofel understand”. A saddened Orel returns to the shop, where Stephanie explains that Orel saw his own “Closeface”.

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When his father learns this, he forces Orel to tell the truth to the school. The show goes over badly, although Junior performs well, the audience not only does not like that Orel isn’t Jesus but they’re all simply bored by it. Orel is still picketing, revealed before he gets the ban on them, he decides to go to the mayor.

She suffers a breakdown when a teddy bear falls and lands on her back in a suggestive position, making her think that her proxy for a loving husband is only interested in sex as well. This episode is unique in that Orel does not actually even appear in it, though he can be heard on an in-show radio broadcast. This reveals he has an Oedipus Complex for his dead mother. This is called to his mother’s attention, and she tells him about the divorce. This angers the men in Moralton, who become jealous of moal fact that the Wath family have a better house than they do and that their children, seeing how well the Figurellis are living, adopt their mannerisms and are dubbed “Wiggurellis”.

This episode starts with a flashback to the episode “Numb”, which shows how Clay has found Dr. Orel is scolded not for having gone and done something he knew was wrong, like bashing two innocents with a baseball bat, but for neglecting all his other friends in favor of one single friend. Orel’s poor marksmanship is scolded by Clay.

The epic and over-the-top adventures of Dethklok, the world’s most successful death metal band. They order apple juice and sit down to talk. He begins physically abusing ore with crushed glass, barbed wire, and rocks each time he thinks about God, which is frequently. In these moments alone, she is seen to have a flask, pointing to a drinking problem. Taking this to heart, Orel borrows his mother’s pastry bag and begins breaking into houses each night, filling the bag with his sperm, and impregnating the sleeping women, taking on the role as “God’s chef”.


Moral Orel

After a recap of the events in Part One, Part Two opens to reveal that Orel did not shoot Clay, but destroyed his remaining two liquor bottles.

Clay’s father eventually discovers the ruse, and when he forces Clay to cease the charade, onlinw mother has a heart attack due to the stress and dies, crying out to God to take her life instead of her onllne. After wattch third near-death experience, a bizarre nightmare of familiar and prophetic visions with the song “Airetaina” by the High Priestess playing, including seeing himself say “I am a church” backwards.

Shapey Puppington Joe Unger Upon walking, he hears gunshots and runs to see Orel and Clay practicing at shooting a handgun. Clay, who has skipped church, goes to Forghetty’s to drown his sorrows.

While looking through old photo albums with his mother, Clay discovers pictures of his mother, presumably pregnant with him. Learn more More Like This. Orel calls and the police arrive to arrest the man, since suicide is a crime.

As a result, they were delayed by several months and premiered out of production order. Clay has to learn first hand what ‘passing’ is. After re-education and a complete grooming change, the Missing Link becomes “Link McMissons”—a now-popular right-wing talk radio host. Enthralled, Orel is assured he can get the eggs banned, since Mkral is reluctantly picketing for the sake of picketing. Stopframe chooses Orel as the “virgin”, but when he gets to the meeting, he is shocked at watcu truth about the Satan worshipers: This episode takes place during and after “Offensiveness”.

Seeing various fathers bonding with children, Doughy becomes more depressed. After being permitted to keep him as a pet, Orel names him Bartholomew and the two become inseparable with the dog being very popular around town. Clay bursts into the apartment and starts loudly accusing Coach Stopframe of using Orel the same way he used Bloberta to get to him.