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Choong-suk fiercely warns him that if Gongmin does that, he will have to forcibly tie him up. If he didn’t marry her, his whole family would probably be executed because Yeon-Woo got sick. But I do not like the passive, soft way she plays Yeon Woo. Her faces goes dark, and she stops in her tracks before they notice her. Add to that the fact that Yangmyung feels he was neglected by his father which is true, but we all know that late king did that to protect him from dying like Prince Uiseong of the first episode and was never formally acknowledged by his father. We still have no idea. Minister Yoon is surprised to find that Yang-myung knew all along, and asks how he remained loyal to the king anyway.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. It doesn’t help that the lead female character is very low energy either. Maybe I’m the only one but I’m majorly peeved at Hwon at how he extorts his “power” as King to throw salt at the already wounded brother. I hope this positive momentum lasts until the end. Yoon says they can make one up. Kiara March 14, at

Sad, but true unfortunately.

Fortunately, the lovely internet lets us go wherever our little hearts desire and we can find episose likeminded people. He needs to see her always smile before he leaves. So much can happen in one episode remain. Maybe it wont happen this way but that’s the feeling I got from the very start of YM getting approached by Yoon.

For taking me in, for raising me, for protecting me, thank you. She says how could she do that. It makes sense since the larger enemy was always Yuan. There was so much to love this episode but let me start off with the things I had problems with. Gongmin tells her that tomorrow he will make an important decision tomorrow but he will also have to pay a huge price.


Episode 3 by Regals. Did they make some kind of deal again?!

Recap: “Faith” Episode 18 | Scattered Joonni

She rages that he cannot send her away, and literally screams herself unconscious. Ki Chul comes to see Deok Heung in prison.

It is really sad that despite how much she loves Yeom As expected, she mooh up herself to fuel the dark magic. B looks at the girl. I knew I would probably be writing something once I processed the ep.

Download the latest version here. So much doesn’t even make sense to me. As embracinf YM going dark, I hope it doesn’t I have a feeling he is going die nobly Hwon tells her she committed an unforgivable sin against her father, against him, and against Yeon-woo as well.

Ministers meet with Yoon. On a micro level, this plotline didn’t move AT ALL, and it was more predictable than any hyped drama in recent memory. The reason of not telling Yeom about her role in YH’s death was because she doesn’t want Drammacrazy to hate her not because she doesn’t want Yeom to disown her.

I love the flashback scenes with young hwon and the former king. Just find another hotter man! I will go back home and immediately find out if there were ,oon and send them to you to be punished. However, I did love the younger ones. Yoon asks to have drinks with M. I believe Yeom did “that” after he saw Deamacrazy becomes pathetic after hearing the truth in the cemetery.

How many times will I rewatch these episodes??? H asks her to take a walk for a while H and YW go outside to the hidden moon building.

Gongmin announces that he has already taken care of the punishment and replacement of the traitors. Not the position, power, or moonn of being the king, but the recognition of being king before he dies. Join 2, other followers Follow.

The moon embracing the sun episode 18| Korean drama| 해를 품은 달

I never thought I’d be so angry to hear about embgacing pregnancy fhe they said Min Hwa was pregnant. I would have kept on watching it casually despite my issues if I had the time to do so. Epiisode still don’t know the minister’s motive, or grandma’s motive. I was having the same feeling as Yang-myung when his mom yold him that he could follow his heart this time Yea, it went from draggggging to wham bam, we know who did what in one episode when they could have paced it out better Choong-suk gravely tells Joo-suk that he can give him only ten men to fight of their tail while Gongmin and Noguk are led to the shelter.


NOW everything and everyone is revving up and with only two episodes left it’s a case of embgacing little, too late. Ki Chul paces inside his room as Yang-gak reports that the royal army is surrounding the house. MW tells his mom to do that and gets up. I had even stopped watching after episode 8 and only started watching again when the storyline finally started moving in episode Young MW is crying and begging the king to save her. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

I don’t believe King’s brother will betray him fingers cross Yes at the time grandma did manipulate and feed off of her girly feelings and spoiled nature. They both know without being told, that Seol is gone.

Yeon-woo overhears this from her secret room, worried at where this line of reasoning is leading. And for the nth time.

She was standing in a separate room with no clue what was happening, and then later sworn to secrecy by her father the king.