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January 3, at 1: Cancel reply Enter your comment here Log in or Sign up. Just two days ago, I came upon this drama and just decided to start watching. Mookda, her ability to change from a lethal and tough officer of the law to a frilly no-nonsense woman is a two thumbs up. Hi Fia, I watched this after reading your review. March 9, at 2: Godninja, ThanX soooooo much 4 all the info.

Even though she liked him, she continued to fool him that she was in love with another person. This is totally going on my back to watch list! March 21, at 7: Pretty girls and hot guys in here Thanks. March 14, at When he plays the sweet character, he sure nails it! March 7, at Alice , Aug 24,

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yet towards the finale, the plot threw a monkey bar to Lookja and made her realize that her stupid games were wasting only precious time. Most of all, I miss you and blogging caet a daily basis.

For Mookda, Susie had to learn Aikido, gun aiming, and the tango.

I’m so disappointed with the pairings for this lakorn, so I think it’ll be a miss for me. This also taught Krit a few lessons in life as well. March 20, at Although the year has just begun, Mook Liam Petch is a lakorn to be reckoned castt and has set the bar quite high for other lakorns yet to air. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


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This drastic experience taught Lookja a firm lesson in life and she grew up tremendously because of it. I’m not a Newbie anymore!! It is in the process of being subbed on Viki: January 16, at 9: Join the Juiciness Cancel reply Enter your comment here March 14, at 2: Looks like you are ramping up some major activity on both your blog and YT.

Petch trusted her, believed in her.

Mookda, her ability to change from a lethal and tough officer of the law to a frilly no-nonsense woman is a two thumbs up. Here is the cast list: Did not believe that I would totally enjoy every moment, Susie made me laugh nonstop, that was how hilarious she was to mooj. Land of Obsessions Where all addictions crash crazily into one place!

Notify me of new comments via email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to mlok in: But for an liwm hero, these qualities can also annoy the hell out of the viewers. They have complete faith in each other even if their love grew on pretenses. Godninja, ThanX soooooo much 4 all the info.

March 9, at 2: Lookja is a news reporter, a naive, new and determined one at that.

[Ch3] Mook Liam Petch (Pau Jing Jong)

Their love story went from cute to being frustrating to watch. Anyway thanks for your reviews……I chnaced upon your blog psot and realised that your reviews actually helped me choose what to watch as some your posts reflected my thoughts for the Lakorns that I mooj already watched.


Because the best thing we love about his character becomes the worst thing we hate. My ultimate love for this lakorn: March 8, lia, 7: March 21, at 7: You must log in or sign up to reply here. September 16, at 6: I really like Vicky, but I can’t stand Tah.

He has a big heart. I mean she isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t petvh her caat decent either. Mookda Susie Susira is an international police woman with special training in Aikido who disguises herself as a nonsensical, troublemaker secretary to investigate the stolen diamond Adorella.

Where can i watch this with english sub? January 3, at 3: Basic HTML is allowed. Susie was ecstatic to learn the tango because she is a dancer.

Cupid CandyAug 31, It was enjoyable and i loved all the character portrayals. Pretty girls and hot guys in here Thanks. Log in or Sign up. Will you love this lakorn as much as I did? I was getting antsy with my old layout.

They might be smokin’ together; it all depends on their interaction in the lakorn.

BTW I am not obsessed with him.