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After Jeredy and the Core-Tech team place the last failsafe device, they are attacked by the Eklipse Organization. Worst of all, Dr. Conversely, Beyal’s ability to see anything at all has gone away and he’s really starting to despair. See also TV Schedule. An epic battle ensues which only gets more epic as the secret Benefactor shows up with a Core all his own and creates a Clone Liger!. It’s deep in the icy mountains of Northpoint. These dreams are much more like visions.

They bump into Dax. Klipse uses his new tech to lure S. Episode 2 Courage Chase discovers that his father had created a Monsuno called Quickforce, who is being held captive and experimented on by S. Stemming from one of Beyal’s visions, Chase discovers his mother, Sophia is still alive. Klipse has teamed up with Professor Tallis to create dangerous Dino-Monsuno creatures. Klipse has weapons of mass destruction being powered by his new toy Episode 12 Hunted While stumbling onto what appears to be an ancient Monsuno temple in the jungle with Jon Ace, The Core-Tech Team team are attacked, captured, and their cores stolen by the crazy Dom Pyro an agent of the Eklipse Organization.

Team Toon Season 1. Using their Monsunos to clear the wreckage, they find a passage into a hidden valley. Meanwhile, Dark Spin attacks the rest of the Mobsuno team. Dax has “joined” the team, but nobody is too happy about it.

He tells them to save Beyal, they must travel to the Cave of Convergence. Team Core-Tech must stop him with their own boosts, Strike Gear. After playing rock, paper, scissors to wiod who gets to be Quickforce’s master, Bren rescues Quickforce and is now his “master” like Chase is with his Monsuno, Lock.

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Chase’s visions are getting more intense, while Beyal’s are disappearing. Good enough of a lead for our heroes to follow. Redeem a gift card or promotion code. But, we soon learn it may already be too late. Dom Pyro returns to make the team into trophies. Away from his core, Lock’s energy quickly fades and he begins to unspin permanently, until he unearths a wild core, which re-energizes him to supercharged levels.


Chase and the teens are taking advantage of their surroundings to get some food With the help of their new hyper monsuno, Team Core-Tech may stand a chance against their adversaries.

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They have barely eaten anything in three weeks. Seeking answers from his father, Chase forces Dax to take him to Jeredy’s location.

However, a scene reveals this to be a ploy by the Hand of Destiny as they seek to shed their mortality! Chase gets the Core and in the ensuing struggle, a desperate Chase “spins” Lock into existence from this fully-loaded Core. With Jeredy held in the cruel hands of Charlemagne and S. They have to find Jeredy and put an end to this insanity once and for all. Chase learns how to use his Monsuno, which he names Liger.

After being captured by the evil Bookman, Chase, Bren, and Jinja must team up with a monk named Beyal in order to escape. See also TV Schedule. Monsuno English Title Card.

Bren has a vision of Sophia while attempting to help Chase with his meditations. If Jeredy wants to save his son, the good doctor must perform his own scientific experiments Chase reveals it was all a plan to use Dax in a little “bait and switch” sting to get more vials of Monsuno Essence. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. During an intense battle with S.

Also, this episode was originally scheduled to air February 2, for the United States, but it was taken off due to last minute scheduling changes. After discovering the plan, Team Core-Tech tries to stop it. Without him the rest of the Core-Tech team start arguing which results in a 2 on 2 battle amongst themselves.


cofe Mourinho and the Special Ones – Season 1. When Chase receives a garbled message from his father asking to meet up, our hero can’t resist.

Monsuno, Series 1, Pt. 1

Dax denies all knowledge but did hear the old guy say something about Coastal City. Our three teens stage a brave infiltration of the S. The Hand of Destiny infiltrates their dreams making them fight their friends and ripe for a capture until the rest of Team Core-Tech devise a way to wake their friends up.

The leader of a mercenary clan lures Chase to an abandoned facility for a duel of Monsunos. Combat Chaos, Series 2, Pt. Our heroes find themselves embroiled in a fight for the coveted vial of Monsuon Essence, which Jinja will use to create Charger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chase has another one of his intense dreams only this time he doesn’t believe it was just a dream.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Jon Ace and S.

Available in Prime Batman: Klipse joins forces with Chase to find Jeredy’s whereabouts. Bekka calms him down. Searching for answers, Chase leads his crew back into the crystal-filled Cave of Convergence, the one they completely trashed in the previous episode.

This is a list of episodes for the animated television series Monsuno. Chase reveals it was all a plan to use Dax in a little “bait and switch” sting to get more vials of Monsuno Essence.

Beyblade Wilc Masters, Cor. List of Monsuno episodes.