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Ever since I first saw the prototype photo’ for Mattel’s Wydowna Weberella doll, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her as she is a combination two of my favourite things – Arachnids, spiders in particular and dolls! Another reason is the doll and her boxes have been designed to be a Collector’s Item, and rightly so as Mattel have done it so well – far too well in fact, for me to open the packaging or remove the doll would therefore lower the value of the item and when you have to pay such a high price to own it, the idea of devaluing it in this way also seems to me to be unthinkable. I really want this doll, but I want to be able to fix her eyes and play with and display her, so for this reason a clone would suit me much better – providing I find a suitable clone that is! Posted by Herbie Hopkins at Notify me of new comments via email. Thankfully she doesn’t come with a built in glove, like the official doll does.

I was so sure it was going to be sewn on, and am very happy that it is not; so much more mix and match potential! To get a better idea of how different she looks now, I decided to collage the before clone, after clone and the real Weberella dolls side by side. She is so freaking cool. Her lips are the same light blue as her eyeshadow, with black printed fangs. This site uses cookies. As much as I love this doll, I can’t help being surprised at her popularity and appeal, especially where small girls are concerned, as spiders are sadly much maligned creatures and the majority of people have a strong dislike and in many cases a phobia of them, I however am in the minority as I not only love them, but I also had more than 20 tarantulas which along with my scorpion were my much loved pets for well over a decade.

Doll Review: MH Wydowna Spider – TRU exclusive | Doll Nerd

But this playline release is even better and more deliciously pop-arty. Which of course means she’s not easy to find for sale, and when you do she has a huge price tag whacked on her.


I love the bold spidder scheme and while not necessarily fashionablethe geekified cowgirl style totally works somehow. The doll’s theme is a continuation of Mattel’s Monster High “Power Ghouls” range which were sold exclusively in Target stores, prior to the release of Wydowna as Weberella, the Power Ghouls dpisode four: Wydowna Spider – “I Heart Fashion”. The dress is printed with actual art from the Webarella comic that came with the SDCC Wydowna doll; you can see the Webarella character at the bottom of the skirt.

Here’s how my girl looked after I’d taken my paint brushes to her; I just had to add definition to her eyes, after I painted her original large pair in red so it would match my handiwork and also to cover up the dusty pinkish colour of the original factory paint and I neatened up her fangs and lipstick a little too.

I Heart Fashion Wydowna Spider – Monster High – MH

Dpisode all, Wydowna Spider is supposed to be based on a Black Montser Spider, hence the black skin and red hair, which are to be expected in an anthropomorphic version.

Notify me episide new comments via email. Of course one explanation could be that the horn or even lump, or bump refers to the story of Arachne from Greek Mythology. This site uses cookies. Posted by Herbie Hopkins at When I get me an official Wydowna, I’ll do a comparison review of both her and my clone girl. My final reason is Ever since I first saw the prototype photo’ for Mattel’s Wydowna Weberella doll, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her as she is a combination two of my favourite things – Arachnids, spiders in particular and dolls!

Mattel make now mention of any of these aspects of the myth with regards to the background or hobbies, likes or dislikes of their Wydowna doll which seems odd as they state she is Arachne’s daughter.

Previous Ghoul Talk Episode To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It was a very pleasant surprise to find that the silver waist cincher is a separate piece from the dress. Newer Post Older Post Home. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Email required Address never made public.


Oops looks like Wydona spoke to soon about how sweet she is, I guess she must be hungry and seeing my custom DragonFly Monster High Doll is too much for her empty belly to handle!

I decided to stick with the boots she came with for now as I think they go pretty good with this outfit. Watch this or some other space! Thankfully she doesn’t come with a built in glove, like the mpnster doll does.

The box was pretty smashed up when it arrived not enough packaging for transit but it doesn’t matter as the doll was never going to be displayed in it anyway. Well, there you go I’m still loving this doll! The fact that Wydowna became a playline doll is honestly pretty amazing, and totally awesome. Wow that’s a lot of giant TMs! And how you have almost-twins! For some reason the above picture shows the doll with red earrings, however she in fact comes with a pair of silver spiderweb ones, I guess the doll must have still been in prototype stages when they released that picture, although why it was never updated, I have no idea.

Yet another version has her children vowing to take revenge on anyone of Athenian decent in a bid to right the wrong committed upon their mother Arachne by the Goddess Athena.

My reason for having a problem with this doll’s horn is due to the Entomologist inside of me and my knowledge of spider anatomy just not being able to condone this anomaly.

DollNerd Dec 09, The pop art thing really works.