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This question had been asked a multitude of times, and is definitely of incredible interest. The art including unique visuals of OP and ED was impressive as always. Maybe it was just so unexpected, but either way there’s no denying that it was a very well done episode. Waiting for that in-depth review from Eudaimonia.. Questioning the Significance of Anime Shorts. It puts a grin on our face as our boisterous characters had their fun time playing around, and I […].

Indeed an unrequited crush could be a good excuse for avoiding troubles with other guys. Just a minor heads-up that internet connection was lost at the moment here at home. First General Eren, then this new episode Are you the publisher? Hanazawa Kana’s acting during the school scene just blew me away. It puts a grin on our face as our boisterous characters had their fun time playing around, and I […]. She really does have a wide range of voice types. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist:

This episode is probably my favorite so far. Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 60 of Didn’t like that she cut Sengoku’s hair though,I like Sengoku better with long bangs. My Obsession with Suits. That ending was perfect. Nadeko in delinquent mode was really surprising and great to watch.

Be warned for spoilers though.

D I’m on the short side, even though the difference is almost nonexistent. Martial arts — the practice of fighting and combat techniques; and dancing — the rhythmic movements of the body used for artistic expressions. I also really liked her choice of wordings in Japanese. See she has short hair again,always thought she looked better that way. I witnessed a historical moment when she turned into Black Sengoku.


So, a short gallup poll: Survivability in Heavy Object and Attack on Titan. Nisekoi — Exaggerated Anime Expressions.

A lot of people, or at least, those who had experienced both franchises, had been comparing both Sakura Trick and Sono Hanabira, especially with their similarities.

Omg, like, best scene evar!! Indeed, music had played a vital role in almost every medium, especially those that features seres and audios — TV shows, movies, commercials, video games and so on.

If you must go deeper I loved the OST in this one animeuktima with Nadeko’s personality. HanaKana really impressed me,cute voice one moment,angry pissed off voice the next. It puts a grin on our face as our boisterous characters had their fun time playing around, and I […] deluscar[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi episoxe 01 [p].

Do you watch anime weekly or do you marathon them? Sayonara Piano Sonata puts us into the shoes of Hikawa Naomi, a […].

That episode was fantastic!! Cant wait till next week and I am loving the OP so much. Arc itself is fantastic, don’t get me wrong Had the biggest grin on my face too. Capoeira, especially, is a very noteworthy martial arts […]. Questioning the Significance of Anime Shorts. I can dig an angry HanaKana. Sayonara Piano Sonata Review.

Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 14 Discussion

Shit just got real one of the best episodes this season. It’s like I have nothing else to say That whole episode was great. I really wonder what happen to her in this episode: She is too annoying. Part 1 […] deluscarmla. Visual first-person storytelling at it’s best in the beginning. Golden Darkness is currently staying on Earth, roaming around the city streets […] sedond.


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Animeultimaa like my love for Koyomi be requited. Nisekoi is a romantic comedy, or romcom, for short, as it is more commonly abbreviated. Also she looks kinda weird without long bangs. Especially for new anime, waiting for a whole week to watch a single […]. Rhythm games — Relying on Sights and Sound. That’s some hardcore voice acting from Hanazawa. From my general experience of romcoms, it usually involves a slice-of-life setting, and have the characters mess around in the setting.

The directing was a good a ever and the character interactions were strong. Our telecommunication company said there was a breakdown and they are looking into it at the moment.

From radio stations, to CD players to TV and various other media, music had been a part of our life since early childhood.

Overall, this has been the most useful oddity yet, so far That was rather surprising. I made countless visits to Monoggatari clothing stores in GTA V that sells suitsgetting myself different suits in preparation for each story sequences, unsurprisingly, I love wearing […].

For my full analysis, check my blog. I always animeultims that i will come to like her at least a little because of amazing Kana’s voice, but meh. Damn this is too good. Nadeko got off on everyone.