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Good luck Lockport with your 3 ring circus this Summer. I would think so. Newer Post Older Post Home. Everyone else just posts it online or in the paper weeks ago but Lockport has to have an official press conference and photo op for the king. I have never seen so much complaining about something that is provided to residents and visitors for FREE. No emergency, no kid locked in the car, just a courtesy jesture from Lockports finest: I noticed those two “corrals” fenced off in front of the stage.

Advertisement posters for the concerts.. So I travel all around NY for music. Once again, why the childish picking “favs”, my something is better than your something, etc. I’m thrilled Theory is coming. There’s no punchline because you can’t already ruin bad music. Who knows what to believe. I decided to go see Talas there instead of the only show I was going to see in Lockport Theory of a Deadman. Seriously, since the vip section now has basically taken over all the good viewing spots, who does get the money?

They do it Buffalo all the time. Enjoyed the free show at the Hard Rock Cafe last night. Converted to Blogger by Blogger Templates. I’d love to see it!


All the cops are downtown on Friday nights. The 3rd class citizens are behind the sound cojcert now. This Blows and is making it harder to justify the drive from Rochester They should have just politely asked the drunken slob to put the handcufs on himself. How many Lockport cops does it take to arrest a drunk guy who is so hammered that a slight breeze cam knock him down? Move into 77 Main St. Heard Sheepdogs were opening for Govt Mule.

Molson Canal Concert Series Setlists |

Grand Island singers open big concerts in July, August. Rockin’ Rodeo Band, Molly Hatchet. Are the concerts the only news in Lockport? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at.

I noticed those two “corrals” fenced off in front of the stage. Welcome “What unites us is more important than what divides us.

Molson Canal Concert Series Setlists

The one thing that is for certain is there will always be a block of people that are not happy. It is a chance to walk around and enjoy the canall. Check with whoever you bought the VIP pass from. Rik Emmett is a superior musician to anybody in Molosn some age the social construct of belittling others to help oneself feel better has to be outgrown, no?


Gov’t Mule is a great band and Warren Haynes is the man!

Lockport NY: Molson Canal Concert Series

George Thorogood tears it up. Ulrich, that is not my plan.

The Buffalo News online brings you. There is nothing new on this site at all! This year I haven’t heard any music until last night. Concerts may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Old people at concerts suck.

They need that much space reserved to hold King Tuck.

Going on every Friday night, Ulrich Center. We will see what the last 2 open spots are to redeem themselves. This website should be called Lockport. Copy and paste it here.