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Wes, Ezra’s brother, tells Aria that Ezra got a girl named Maggie pregnant in high school. Can we bring back the death-threat-receiving Apple watches from the season premiere? Paige stops by the coffee shop and Emily tells her to stop by her house later so they can watch a movie. Archived from the original on February 16, Retrieved January 24, Retrieved October 24,

Retrieved October 4, Retrieved July 17, Retrieved July 22, The Liars investigate his office during the fundraiser and find Alison’s diary. She gets a call from “A,” in a distorted voice, who says, “You have one minute. Retrieved March 20, He said Archer Dunhill fled to France with a fake passport, which was bad news for the Liars, but apparently good news for Marco, who could no longer be on the case. We have designed a gathering that will put you shoulder to shoulder with your peers — who are grappling with the same challenges keeping them up at 3am.

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Emily and Nate head up to the Lighthouse Inn. When Meredith checks on Aria, Aria realizes that Meredith has been drugging her to find a page from Ali’s diary. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer think Jenna’s birthday party could be the perfect setting for “A” to strike – and for them to catch their tormentor. Seasln from the original on T videos, which was left in the church, rather than Ian taking it.


Spencer receives a bouquet of flowers and a card that reads: Aria follows her, almost catching her before she slips into an elevator and escapes, while Emily and Hanna find a dead body they are unable to identify.

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Mona pays Spencer a visit in Radley and offers her a spot on the “A” Team for the second time. Emily learns that Shana is also a swimmer, which Paige neglected to tell her. The Liars catch Jenna looking at the earring they planted in the girls’ bathroom at school. Mona and Toby plan their next “A” move against the Liars in the new “A” lair.

Retrieved June 20, These ads are always posted for free, and students work for school credit only. Caleb arrives and puts his gun down to comfort Emily, but as they embrace, a dying Lyndon uses the last of his strength to shoot Caleb.

What to Read Next. Emily escapes, but Jason does not and plummets to the ground.

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Retrieved August 6, NTI, Galaxy as dated. Retrieved October 23, Aria stabs someone with a screwdriver she finds in the box. Retrieved January 23, Spencer sneaks into the boy’s locker room and breaks into Noel’s locker and checks his phone for texts from Maya.


Retrieved January 10, Hanna and Ashley are blindsided when Detective Wilden approaches them at the church where they are meeting Ted for coffee. Emily realizes she was drugged ‘that night. When they plugged it in, they ombseries files on all of the girls with photos from their time in the dollhouse. Retrieved January 5, Garrett’s case may be closed due to lack of evidence.

While making an escape, “A” haphazardly drops a key, which Hanna gives to Spencer. Retrieved July 20, Retrieved March 2, Sullivan and other patients, Spencer confides that her friends can no longer count on her. Comcast Wholesale has teamed with Rovi to deliver interactive program guides to analog TV homes. Liara by the Numbers. Simpson’ falls, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ rises”.

Wilden confronts Hanna and demands to know where his mpbseries and keys are. Retrieved August 4, Shortly after Aria leaves, Hanna decides they should break back in to try to talk to Mona alone without a chaperone around.