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At first, Justin is confident that Rio feels the same way for him. Manuela, the town beauty in Saranggani who captures both the hearts of her close friend Isyot as well as the chief of police, Manuel. What will Igge do when, after all his sacrifices, his siblings decide to leave him? With the help of people who learned about her story and saw how she loves her husband so much, Lola Auring was reunited with her beloved husband. Woman from Cebu with disability nails dancing in f After more than a year, Flor decided that it was time for her to go back. Every day, Lola Auring was full of hope that she and her husband will meet again. Xerces, a very obedient son who brought nothing but achievements to their family.

Homophobic as he is, he is left with little choice on how to make sure his daughter gets what she needs. The fact that Carol knows how it feels to have no family makes it more difficult for her to get over her guilt and longing for her child. Living in a broken family, how did Iza empower herself to win her personal battle with her weight? Nora, a cancer-stricken mother, secured the future of her children by chatting and cybersex for that matter with old and single foreigners. Will the friendship be over when one member of the group breaks one of their rules by getting pregnant? But everything changes when Myra is diagnosed with kidney failure. Vangie is a beautiful barrio lass who crosses paths with Pilo one week before his wedding day with a childhood sweetheart Dolores.

Their lives started to change when Mojacko met Emily, a social worker, who invited him to stay in a shelter providing for his needs and processed the necessary papers for Mojacko and his mother to have the names—John and Malou Garcia.

Christine Balaguer became one of the Top 13 candidates in this year’s Miss World Philippines pageant. How did Osang rekindle her love for singing?

Melai Cantiveros to Portray as Domestic Helper on Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK June 20)

Amidst his frantic search for funds that would cover his son’s hospital bills, Darwin stumbles upon a bag containing a huge amount of money in the backseat of his tricycle one day. A heartwarming tale of a little girl’s unconditional love for her family and friends.


How far will she endure for her husband and family? How could a father forget about his first episoxe with his children all hoping that he would help them out from poverty?

Melai Cantiveros in MMK to portray OFW Nanny –

He is struck with “love kune first sight” on Mildred. Zandro promises that he will do whatever it takes to win her over. Once again, the people behind FHM surprised the readers and fans as they chose the trending topic and irresistible Kim Domingo to lfw the c He then dreams of becoming a better person by living a normal life and being content as a street vendor.

They soon find themselves deeply in love with each other to the point that Maria couldn’t envision a life with Rey. Anna, a mother and wife whose third eye is open. In a life full of darkness, how can one find the light that will drive him to fulfill his dreams?

An unforgettable friendship between two impressionable girls. What kind of misery would drive a mother to end her own life? From being simple acquaintances who march together to Mendiola, Fr.

Things got worse for Offw when she lost the custody of her children.

Rosa is a young woman who fell in love with a man who, unknown to her, is already married. What kind of pain and hardships did Macky have to go through when he felt that he lost both of his parents? In his loneliness and yearning for a family, he spearheads a children’s choir in their town and spends the majority of his time training them mleai sing like pros.

“Maalaala mo kaya” Camera (TV Episode ) – IMDb

What did Cecile have to go through when Roel left her for good? Susana, a devoted mom whose world turns upside down when her sons Roderick and Ray-an are both diagnosed with incurable diseases. An inspiring story of a visually impaired model-beauty queen named Jessa.

A heavy family drama episode featuring Tesa, a lady who was raped by her elder brother but chose to hide the truth for the sake of her family. Despite the misfortunes, Enez never left her husband. But her sheltered life begins to change as she meets their maid’s daughter, Lira.

WATCH: Melai Cantiveros as the Pinay OFW in Kuwait on MMK

Other people also tried to discourage him because of his looks and status in life. A story of a family that was shattered by domestic violence, which later caused the 13 siblings to go on separate ways.


But because of their differences, Christie’s mother, Amparo, disapproves of their relationship and will do anything to break them apart. Yet despite it all, Dina chose to give her husband a second chance and even took care of his children. Her older brother eventually learns about her vices and asks her to jyne their home.

Will they see Noel again?

Or is forgiveness the key to the start of their family’s healing from the tragedy? Yoli, a role model to her younger sister Merlie, who started and obeyed every single thing that her ate asked of her, including the idea of having a relationship with Ramon. However, when she returned after three months, Belen’s world crumbled when she discovered that her husband sold all of their children.

Pinky keeps mum about the situation because she wants to finish her studies with the help of her foster family. How a couple, together with their two children, survive on the meager earnings of Marlon, who scavenges for metal junk in creeks for a living. He was such a big fan that he all he wanted for a girlfriend was someone who looks like his idol.

Edit Storyline Having been spoiled by her parents since childhood, a sickly but bubbly Joanna grows up lazy, dependent, and resistant to doing household chores. At first, she has no choice but to accept her fate for the sake of their four kids.

The siblings’ love for each other remained steadfast especially when they started schooling, but 220 until they reached high school. But behind his usual demeanor is a dying man who desperately wants to make a difference to fill the emptiness in his heart.