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Fluttershy and Applejack clash on what to do with a swarm of vampire fruit bats that have infested the orchards at Sweet Apple Acres, but disaster strikes after one of Twilight’s spells backfires. Dragonbait Do you like bananas? Apple Bloom gets infected with the Cutie Pox, which causes multiple cutie marks to appear all over her body. Trixie returns to exact revenge on Twilight and brings Ponyville to its knees, with the aid of a magical amulet. Rainbow Dash goes to Cloudsdale to participate in a flying competition and her friends find a way to accompany her. Rainbow Dash tries to stop winter from coming to Ponyville so Tank won’t have to hibernate underground.

Applejack and her friends visit the frontier settlement of Appleloosa to transplant an apple tree, where they find that tensions between the pony settlers and the native buffalo are about to boil over. Discord has turned Ponyville upside-down, and Twilight must find the Elements of Harmony to defeat him and save her friends. With family members on Mount Aris as well as Seapony relatives in Seaquestria, he can’t decide where to live. Except without the shouting. Trixie returns to exact revenge on Twilight and brings Ponyville to its knees, with the aid of a magical amulet. In order to help Rarity out of a creative slump, Spike finds a mysterious book that lets her create any object she imagines. Can we replace AJ with Maud? Sunset Shimmer must solve a mystery when her friends suddenly forget their friendship and only see her as the bully she used to be.

Twilight, accompanied by five other ponies from Ponyville, sets out into the Everfree Forest to find the Elements of Harmony and stop Nightmare Moon. A follow-up series of Slice of Life shorts.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash take the friendship students on a teamwork learning field trip, and accidentally show the students how NOT to work together. Marble is definitely the Fluttershy of the family though!! Heartbreaakers of felt like a repeat of the first Maud episode. It’s Hearts and Hooves Day and Big Mac has big romantic plans for Sugar Belle, but the day takes a turn when he overhears his special somepony tell Mrs. When the Friendship Map grows bigger to reflect the world beyond Equestria, the Mane 6 realize that they need to spread the message of friendship far and wide.

My Little Pony Friendship is magic season 5 episode 20 heartbreakers

Rainbow Dash seeks to break a world record for wing power, but the one who can help with this goal, Fluttershy, isn’t confident in her abilities. When Princess Celestia visits Ponyville and brings her ailing pet with her, Fluttershy decides to mll nurse the bird back to health.


Fluttershy decides to face her fears so she can join in on Nightmare Night with her friends. After the Cutie Map is reactivated, it sends Pinkie Pie and Rarity to Canterlot to help a father and daughter keep their struggling family restaurant afloat. Limestone was kind of rude, but she’s alright. Also, “aftermath” makes it sound like a natural disaster!

Rainbow Dash tries to stop winter from coming to Ponyville so Tank won’t have to hibernate underground. However, their unabashed enthusiasm proves to be rather embarrassing, and pushes Rainbow Dash to the brink. The Mane Six each tell the Cutie Mark Crusaders about how they got their cutie marks, and they all realize that they might have a more special connection than they thought.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash begin to question why they are friends when they can’t find anything they both like to do together. The denizens of the Crystal Empire fear a changeling spy is on the loose, so Spike follows his duty as the city’s hero to catch him. When the mysterious Crystal Empire returns after vanishing for a thousand years, Princess Celestia tasks Twilight with finding a way to prevent the evil King Sombra from taking it over.

After Applejack saves his life, Spike vows to become her servant.

Pony Point of View “: Spike’s heartgreakers get the better of him when he is chosen to light the torch at the Equestria Games. Princess Luna visits Ponyville during Nightmare Night, to try to make amends with the other ponies.

Warning: On these recap pages, all spoilers will be unmarked!

heartberakers Twilight misses her destroyed library, so her friends try to make her feel at home at her new castle. Season 7 April 15, — October 28, Pinkie Pie’s super-best-friend-sister bond is challenged when Maud gets a boyfriend that Pinkie can’t stand. Rainbow Dash must prepare for a test that could get her into the Wonderbolts Reserves, but none of her friends’ studying methods work for her. It was understandable why she was so possessive with Houlder’s Boulder though I felt it was still too much near the end of it When the “super duper party pony” Cheese Sandwich comes to town, a jealous Pinkie Pie attempts to prove she’s the better party thrower.


Separate names with a comma. Twilight and her friends come down with bizarre ailments that they believe have been brought on by a zebra’s curse. Pinkie Pie tries to discover how to appease some aggressive yak diplomats.

Pinkie Pie offers to babysit the Cakes’ newborn twins while they’re away, but she soon finds that the job is a lot more complicated than it seems.

After Commander Tempest Shadow, servant of the evil Epiaode King, conquers Canterlot, the Mane Six embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to save their homeland. When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst — that Rainbow Dash secretly hates her pies; Pinkie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies.

When Yakyakistan gets buried under an avalanche, Pinkie Pie offers to get her friends to dig away the snow. LostSanity The Polarizing One. Feb 9, Messages: Neither Starlight nor Sunburst have visited their heartbreaoers in a long time, but when both are called by the Map to their hometown, they discover their parents are at the center of the friendship problem they need to solve. Do you already have an account? This one was quite a cute episode.

My Little Pony Friendship is magic season 5 episode 20 heartbreakers – Video Dailymotion

Applejack and Rainbow Dash become ultra-competitive against each other as they try to prove which of them is the “Iron Pony”. Limestone was kind of jerkish. Did both AJ and Pinkie come across to anyone else as just not acting like themselves? Applejack’s family comes down to the rock farm of Pinkie Pie’s family, but their Hearth’s Warming Day traditions are very different from each other’s. Rainbow Dash is accepted into the Wonderbolts’ training camp and leaves to train with them for a week.

While on the train to Canterlot for a cooking festival, Pinkie Pie finds that the Cakes’ delectable entry had been bitten into and vows to find out who done it.