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I thought it was adorable how he played with the kindergarteners. In another episode, when Mr. She cleans up her search before the resource team gets back and carries out her regular delivery duties, this time coffee. Many of us had dreams when we were younger about the the life we want to lead when we grow up. It also strains credulity that a top manager would, in a big company wide meeting, go so far as to talk about stuff like women with low shirts should be able to let it all hang out and that he didn’t reach inside to fondle her and whatnot. Need gif for this. I’m on this ship as well.

From the way he talked about his wife resigning from her job, it sounds like it was a decision she made, instead of the husband automatically assuming she’d quit for the kids. Jeon Suk Ho Supporting Cast. Her thoughts are interrupted by Deputy Director Sun, who drops her large stack of papers while on the phone. Loving the growing camaraderie between Sales Team 3 members!! What it amounted to was verbal abuse – the accusing falsely and unfairly and judging loudly so that the women will hear For Jang Geu Rae Im Siwan , it was to become a professional baduk player a game that involves chess-like strategies and skills. I hated these two last episodes: The whole resource crew, on the other hand, is a different level

That level of stupidity is too much to believe. Considering that GR had to train for baduk since a young child – he did not have a ‘normal’ childhood – hence enjoying the ‘delayed’ play time with the kids.

Misxeng the theme, loved this episode! To me, Chief Oh looks lonely. I loved Deputy Director Sun’s comment to Young-yi that doing the right thing isn’t a gender issue. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.


Esp the way they were treating Young Yi upset me. I agree with you! In a previous episode, she misang to even shake hands.

Misaeng (2014)

I think it’s a case of shame. It seemed to me that Dick Manager was only happy to accuse Chief Oh because of his resentment towards him for being a witness in the sexual harassment case against him. The only complaint I have now is of Baek-ki who is slowly developing into our “villain”. I agree, I feel from this and the next episode that life has not gone the way he wanted no promotion, ashamed of his past lack of action etc That particular someone seems to be Baek-ki, as we cut to him walking through the office.

I thought the convergence of our two women, Young-yi and Deputy Director Sun, was quite neat. I wonder if they’re going to pull a Harry Potter, where the lead male and the lead female aren’t fated to pair up November 5, at 1: Is it to make the newbies feel that they are not as important as they’d like to believe Joanna November 3, at 2: He accuses him of being irresponsible and evading blame.

It was a short but good break from office. I know this is a late comment but I just wanted to put my own two cents in. By far the best episode yet for me! Seok-yul struggles to adjust, having been planted in the office from the factory. Oh well I don’t expect it to be developed very far either way. Having said that, though – those guys in the Resources team better get their heads straight pronto.

But even the worst misogynists still have to think about their own self interest. We see in the final scene, the great relationship Mgr. But it’s also an anthem to say, “be strong – fighting!

Her thoughts are interrupted by Deputy Director Sun, who drops her large stack of papers while on the phone. I was spitting mad at the sexism and prejudice in this episode.


Other beanies recommended Misaeng to me so I gave it a try.

Such a waste of resources!!! Oh Min Seok Main Cast. Bitter Intern wasn’t a misogynist, he was just “innocently” disrespectful and intrusive. I’ll keep my other Baek Ki comments for the Ep 6 recap! Chief Oh is scolded by his superior for his immaturity, but he ignores the disciplinary lecture and walks back to his desk. I drana we see that teacher again!

Oh, I’ve lost my heart again, dub time to Shin Eun-jung. I did think that Baek Ki would not have taken action to help Mgr Oh, except for the fact that Young Yi might get into koresn, therefore he pre-empted and it saved Geu Rae as well. Yes, unfortunately, the reality is that it’s difficult for many women to reach their full potential in the workplace – you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Had to rewind to make sure I didn’t imagine it.

Misaeng Episode 5 Eng Sub : gobeautiful

One of the gems about this show is the rich undertones and nuances they have. Yoon Jong Hoon Supporting Cast. When Chief Jung whines suddenly in honorifics, Chief Oh turns around ready to poke his eyes out. I love it too, when chief oh pushed the door and geurae moved along.

Nice cast of characters. Great job Chief Oh! A team manager would not go from discovering a missing document to suddenly accusing another team manager of basically embezzling company money, before at least checking for the missing document in the file cabinet that was RIGHT THERE.