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This is the girl forwhom you went to Hyderabad. Today’s lesson is forgiveness. Can’t l get that information also? Oneindia Entertainment gave a review stating “Mass Raja Ravi Teja has got an unofficial promotion as Mass Maharaja as per the titles of this film. He has a settlement tomorrow, you must go on an undercover operation. I congratulate him for on eve of days celebrations. Actor Sylvester Stallone starred as a troubled Vietnam war vet who becomes a “one man army” in the popular Rambo action films. You’ll never get sense in this life.

Love is like cow dung. It is a time pass film with loads of comedy and foot tapping music. Gunturodu Review Live Updates. Good, he loves me very much. I congratulate him for on eve of days celebrations. You’ll be the panipuri seller, that’s it. The Bond films also used fast cutting, car chases, fist fights, a variety of weapons and gadgets, Dirty Harry essentially lifted its star, Clint Eastwood, out of his cowboy typecasting, and framed him as the archetypal hero of the urban action film.

Mirapakay completes 100 days

Mirapakwy makes Vaishali fall for him and reaches Kittu after killing Shankar and Linga. Don’t know where’s the girl who will rock my life? Don’t dismiss him, sir. How come you’re born so beautiful?

Taxi meter is running, come. Always call me brother You must have been campus topper, right?

Please don’t waste yourfeelings. Why will it not be good? Shankaranna is chairman ofthis college, he has called you, if you want to be in this college, if you want to complete boss’s mission, you mustn’t cross swords with Shankaranna. Your Hindi lecturer post is confirmed. Since you don’t believe in love at first sight, never again show up yourselfto me.


Looks like you’ve come very early. Got courage knowing l’m Hindi lecturer. This is not right. Whose love should he feel? Shall we start our practice? And fortunately, this Ravi Teja starrer comes as a pucca mass entertainer for Sankranthi.

Onlookers must turn red with jealousy Principal, get the paper, l’ll sign it. He kirapakay took up supporting roles in Kannada films like Ramachari, Ranadheera, Nishkarsha and he was noticed for his dialogue delivery and histrionics. The point is, it’s boring to see the same class room, so arranged it here.

We must catch Kittu bhai alive! Incidentally, she studies in the same college and in the same class to which Rishi teaches Hindi. According to Hjelmqvist, archaeologists at a dig in St Botulf in Lund found a Capsicum frutescens in a layer from the 13th century, Hjelmqvist thought mirapakkay came from Asia.

Kumar, matter must be between us only.

Why should l note it down when l can remember it? He narrated the script of Mirapakaay in the title Romantic Rishi first to Pawan Kalyan, After listening to interval episode, Pawan Kalyan gave him a go-ahead.


Say that in your style. The entertainment is interesting in parts. Who are you calling now?

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You’re trying to talk to me using mirapakat as ruse. Retrieved 15 September They know Telugu, that’s why not interested much, they don’t know Hindi, so they’ll show interest. You must be with Rishi only. He speaks English much better than you. Uncle, atleast moviw a day Bring Shankaranna out where ever he may be hiding. Phone should ring at midnights Do you know how cheaply he talked about us? You mean, have you seen the girl already? Not only me, you too try to understand her.

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Let’s rock in bazaars They say one must win at home and then the world. You sais you were from some Telugu channel, makin Deeksha looks pretty but her acting is pathetic.

Keep the cell on, your husband may call at any time. He called me sweetly as sir. Let’s rock this world with song, dance and makijg