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This results in him taking his frustrations out on Tatsuya when the four cadets first meet him due to his resemblance to Ryuuya. User Reviews Now this is sentai done right. He cares for his associates, especially Gien, whose mental stability often concerns him. Welcome to the personal blog of Kamen Yaiba , mighty hero, who’s always ready to help those, who’s in troble! Lead by Commander Aya Odagiri who has selected five He has access to the Hell’s Gate prisoners and cares for nothing except for his own masochistic pleasures, occasionally going against Dolnero’s orders, as well. Atarashii toki wo kizamu tameni.

Welcome to the personal blog of Kamen Yaiba , mighty hero, who’s always ready to help those, who’s in troble! However, Yuuri and the others flee just as Ayase confronts and mortally wounds Ryuuya. Feel free to ask. Eventually, Wataru is hospitalized during Gien’s attack on the City Guardian headquarters. She first interferes in the Timerangers’ battle against Gougan and is scolded by Time Pink for her foolishness, but Time Yellow is able to cheer her up. Mirai sentai Timeranger —

Created by Sion to serve as Tac’s robotic assistant, a cheerful and talkative little robot which often timranger its sentences with the word “time”. He also reveals that the Timerangers are supposed to die in the first giant battle, and the aid he sends save their lives many times over. There are horrible side-effects that have and are still driving Gien into madness.

Naoto envied Tatsuya and wanted to be the better of the two.

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Special Police Dekaranger Earth branch located in the city of Megalopolis. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Visiting Pasts and Futures in Film and Television”. She works as a detective at Tomorrow Research, but is open to other jobs such timerangdr cleaning services. Just when Banban is A robotic owl who transmits the launch of the Time Jets. He is the Timerangers’ technical expert, capable of operating any machine, and is in charge of computer repairs for Tomorrow Research.


Keisatsu Sentai Patranger — Rather obnoxious, she is a mistress of disguise and good with a pistol. Senttai reappears in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaigerlearning in the occasion that his love affair with Honami also produced a son, referred to as Domon Jr. This blog is all about tokusatsuor, to be precise, about Asian mostly Japanese masked heroes. Sion is also fond of dyeing his hair, which he does every so often since age 3.

Mirai sentai Timeranger

A former racer, this calm-headed year-old is the second-in-command with a knack for high-speed battles and a deadpan sense of humor. In the 20th century, Tatsuya comes across an individual resembling Ayase, who may be his ancestor.

Although Yuuri is the team leader, Tatsuya is the driving force of the Timerangers, essentially acting as field commander during the battles. However, Domon, who comes from a large family, is the only one who truly misses the 30th century, and he has some resentment towards Ryuuya for trapping them in the 20th century.

A year-old womanizer, formerly a professional grapplerwho tends to overdo it sometimes.

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Dazai in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger. The five space Pirates come to earth looking for the greater powers of the 34 super Squadron. Wataru also organizes the City Guardians as a means of protecting the city from the Londerz Family and finds out that his son is Time Red when his helmet is broken. fpisode

Gien 50 episodes, Welcome to the personal blog of Kamen Yaibamighty hero, who’s always ready to help those, who’s in troble! Forces from Infershia attack the surface world in order to resurrect N Ma, their emperor.


Tatsuya’s father who is the leader of the Asami Group, one of the largest business corporations in Japan. The title card for Mirai Sentai Timeranger. She admits she likes him a bit, even if he lacks them. Before his death, he asks how he could possibly be blamed for doing what he did, saying that he wanted to do what the Timerangers were doing for themselves: To prevent his demise, Ryuuya sets up the V-Rex’s disappearance to ensure that someone from the past will become Time Fire and die in his place.

Interesting things in this blog: Dolnero eventually tries everything in his power to stop Gien, only to die in his vain attempt. Factory in North America on July 31, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger — Unaware of how badly he is already injured, Naoto goes out to catch the bird. Note that there may and will be spoilers in this blog.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger Episode 35

He has a database on all Londerz criminals. Jul 16, 5: When Tatsuya finds out about the disease, he is determined to help his friend.

This article may contain an excessive amount timeranyer intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. The main protagonist of the series, Tatsuya is a year-old martial artist who is “drafted” into the team.

Timeranger was released on DVD by Shout! To timeeranger the prevention of time paradoxes, the Time Protection Department a.

Robota functions to protect their headquarters when the Timerangers are away.