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Born a poor farmer’s son, a young man lived who would become known as a military genius that changed the course of history. July 11, Platform: Georik is forced to delve into the banned world of alchemy in order to help his sister. Otoya finds himself wanting to know the reasons behind Shiki’s introverted attitude Inside that world of fear and loathing, he endures in his quest for justice for himself. Daichi wanders through the haze when, once again, he comes upon the young man from the previous day. They are available for a limited time, so get them fast! One day, Zenya suddenly whispers Yoji, “It’s all your fault

January 25, Size: Once again, Tsugumi must investigate to find the real truth. Much beautiful wallpaper containing the wallpaper written by Mr. Will he truly be accepted into this school full of elite students? In the last story you are Kei Arimura, the teacher who must take care of the dorms during the summer. But just who is Haru really?

Gyakukousen Jan mmiracle, 2: And I heard about Intercommunication from Asunaro. He is welcomed inside by the butler, Kishiwada, and meets the young master of the mansion, Yuuri, who rudely tells him to get out and refuses to speak with him.

The boy watching over him informs him that his name is Kuroto, which means the winter that announces the end. Hropter, Halvir Crimson Spell. The two welcome Daichi, who ends up staying over for some time.

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Upon graduation, Shion is brought to the main house and there, he met with Mutsuki’s 5 sons. That fact will never change. A war that enveloped the world has ended, leaving nothing behind. Among the young people of the Former Residents District, a certain game has become popular.


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Hiro is a grade school teacher and lover of Kurou, the son of a company president. One day, led by his childhood friend Kurogitsune, he goes to play at the big winter festival.

He and Takuto get closer to each other, but Takuto realizes there are strange things happening, like the disappearance of his co-worker, which are somehow linked to Haishima. Alsvieth, Valdrigr Crimson Spell. He catches the eye of Tatsumi, the owner of a infamous male nnoton called Hanabishi who buys him over.

One day, when he was searching through the supplies room, he hears someone calling for him and sees a bright sword. Each character from Messiah corresponds to one from the book Alice in Wonderland by Carrol. Despite keeping the saga title, this game stars a different protagonist in another country. Claiming to be a traveling companion, Hanashiro reassures Kuroto and says he will help him regain his memory. He, along with several other men, are in an abandoned amusement park. Bo talk about your thoughts on this trend.

Many students commute to Souryou or live on campus in the dormitories.

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The game is devided in four parts. Gian Carlo also known as the “Lucky Dog” and 4 other members of mafia group called CR-5 are locked in prison. The days are a mixture of the old and new. A near-legendary boarding school attended by elite students chosen from all over the country.


The gentle side continues the individual ‘light’ endings for each butler and the Uncertain side follows a week after the true ending. Beniiro Tenjou Ayakashi Kitan. Georik is forced to delve into the banned world of alchemy in order to help his sister. I am 32 years old. Our dear boy, Soujo, would serve the youngest of the three princes, Keika, while admiring his brother Byuken who was special enough to be close friends with their lord. Chotto ja Nakutte Feb 9, He wakes up surrounded by ruins and old buildings.

Otoya finds himself wanting to know the reasons behind Shiki’s introverted attitude But she disappears and was supposedly executed in a government crackdown on visitors with fake Chips, according to her lover who passed a bloodied chip supposedly Ifa’s to Sai’s guardian eight years ago.

From that day, his surroundings gradually change But the way I explain it to most people is that upfront you have a shipping fee for one book. While he wears them, he becomes a competent worker.