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Alert me about new releases by email. In the 20 years it took to finally get Black Panther made, dozens of different actors were up for the lead roles. Mika and Yaguchi also set alarms to ensure the safety of the cake and the bakery. Project Kids, whose members would later split up into two separate pop groups, Berryz Kobo and C-ute, both of which are still active today. The film serves as a transition point for Minimoni. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. The film also features the Hello!

Add to Cart Bookmark Subscribe. Mika and Yaguchi also set alarms to ensure the safety of the cake and the bakery. Full Cast and Crew. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. With the help of a robotic refrigerator, the cat burglar frees Minimoni from their dungeon cell and they then have to find a way to convince the queen to take a bite of cake again. However, since the spell is finally broken the castle begins to melt since it is no longer stone and it was not kept cold.

With the help of the fairies and the refrigerator, Minimoni and Takahashi successfully escape the castle. The Great Sweets Adventure!

Views Read Edit View history. Yaguchi even passes the torch by giving Takahashi her new Minimoni costume at the end of the film, while Mari puts on a “civilian” outfit for the finale. One day Kago and Tsuji serve a particularly enthusiastic customer played by Ai Takahashi who says she has never had such a delicious cake before.

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Eventually the team reaches the fairy queen and they all work together to make a cake that tastes so good that it would change the queens mind about cakes, which it does but it also moviie all of the magic the queen used up till now.

I have been unable to identify either song.

Takahashi, who had tagged along, eluded capture however and manages to enlist the help of a talking refrigerator to help her free Minimoni. They’re absolutely adorable here. Search for ” Minimoni ja Movie Okashi na Daibouken! Visit your “Email Preference” page. The story is told primarily through visuals, so I was able to follow it pretty well, although I missed some of the finer plot points, such as why the queen is so disposed to hate sweets revealed in a flashback formed by painted illustrations or why Mari leaves the group.

However, they only make cameo appearances in the Hamtaro movies while they’re the stars of this one.

Ojashi store the cake in a refrigerated case unit so that the cake stays fresh until tomorrow. Please use it only as a reference. Please use it only as a reference.

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In the end all of Minimoni and Takahashi get hit with fairy dust, which turns them into small computer animated people. Nozomi Tsuji Mari Yaguchi Description Behind-the-scenes look during the making of the Winter movie starring Minimoni.

The girls play employees of a fantasy bakery catering to little cartoon characters devoted to pastries and cakes and are visited first by another human character, a cat burglar seeking to find the bakery’s secret recipes, and then by four little animated fairies who carry off the girls–in animated form–to be punished in a hostile kingdom by a villainous queen who hates cakes and sweets despite having an army of gingerbread men to minimoin her bidding.


Purple Fairy Risako Sugaya Unfortunately for her, Tsuji and Jz also sneak into the bakery to steal some food and trip the alarm. We have recently updated our privacy policy, which will be implemented from May 25, onwards.

After Minimoni is freed, they go with Takahashi and the refrigerator to see the fairy queen. Description Original soundtrack album to the theatrical daiboukken starring Minimoni that premiered on December 14, We will then be glad to obtain it for you Service Details. If you’re not a fan, then you’re probably not reading this.

Minimoni ja Movie Okashi na Daibouken! OST

Yellow Fairy Ai Kago I’ve seen both of those movies and I prefer the 2-D cartoon hamster caricatures of the girls to the 3-D human ones in this film. Don’t display this message again Proxy Shopping Search. The movie also stars four of the girls from Kinimoni

When they reach the bakery floor everyone turn back to normal. Start your free trial. Retrieved from ” https: