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No Words tells an absolutely chilling story that starts off innocently enough. Late is available for download in censored or uncensored versions. Footer About Privacy Policy. When i get a video of this could it be on the main page? The Best Minecraft Horror Maps. Sound like your kind of game?

He wants to play. You try to get help but it only makes it worse. Unfortunately for you, Granny has no interest in baking you pies or telling you stories of her younger days. When i get a video of this could it be on the main page? Bee Swarm Simulator v1. I want to know if I should: Panoris High puts you in the role of Skyler, who has become disconnected from her classmates during a school trip. Lights Out takes inspiration from PC horror titles such as Amnesia:

When you put your head on your pillow that night, you never knew it would be the last time to see your daughter. One Terrible Nightmare Map for Minecraft 1.

The Best Minecraft Horror Maps

Annoying Ghosts Map for Minecraft 1. It’s all inside your head. Please enter your name here. This map was not created to have a very precise and fluid storyline, but it was designed to give a horror that has not been seen on Minecraft for a long time.


There are several jump scares in this map. Her keep locking you in her house. So, once again, all feedback is highly constructive and appreciated! WaterBlock Map for Minecraft 1. Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.

Unending Nightmare is a Minecraft horror map that, instead of utilizing all the various new gameplay concepts and ideas that horror maps have started to make use of recently, takes a step backward in Part 1 Map for Minecraft 1.

Horror Maps

Another bump to say that if you enjoy this map at all, or if you have any feedback for a better map, I’ve been working on another horror map. Can i email you back when i made the vid?

Alas, instead you find the Orphanage. If you wanna escape. hkrror

This was sort of a “test,” should I say. A child is killed in a school.

Please enter your comment! This site works best with JavaScript enabled. He wants to play. Minecraft Mods Minecraft 1. He won’t let you escape Added new page for Escape Maps. I downloaded this map, but its not showing up on my world elect menu, what can i do to help it? Because it is a horror-themed map, you will definitely monecraft to turn your render distance down to 2 chunks horor the bare minimum allowed by Minecraft.


Tuesday, February 26, Welcome to this new and small horror adventure called Candle. Feel free to record if, you would like. Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.

Area 51 Horror Map for Minecraft | MinecraftSix

Keep your food full. Be prepared to scream! If you die, you will not respawn. Feedback is highly appreciated, and feel free to record your playthrough.

Minecraft was created by Mojang AB. Windmill Map for Minecraft 1. If you think that this map is scary at all, this was intended to be a moderately scary map.