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More concrete, and nicer vistas. What was your favorite part of Half-Life 2? Mail will not be published. Alyx first though, unless there were specific signs pointing to having a better chance of getting both if I went for barney first. Very simple methods, Hope you guys enjoyed. You can call me Java if you like. NyalonPlays 3 years ago.

I like the long games, as long as they have something creative to keep me interested as these 3 do. Interested to hear about this website of yours. They shoot bullets at you, and take too many shots to kill. It was a pretty cool game, and the sequel was pretty awesome as well. I think she loves him, would be a heroic romance, alyx should get pregnant by gordon hehehe. And was it your voice I heard at the end of the Factum Solus Ep.

Crysis was pretty, but oh so lame. I started drawing map layout before I could write. Since ca What other games do you love? About four or five hours on that mountain! They both have awesome atmosphere and are challenging, but in different ways. Research and Development, Mission Improbable, Slums 2. There harxfight something about driving the buggy and the jalopy that just seemed unnatural or strange.


Giveaway winner will be announced next ep! Bow StrafeCraftMC 2 years ago. Why am I saving them? With these simple and effective traps, you can kill your friends, or defend your base from your enemies with ease in Minecraft!

If you happen to be on the side that benefits, so be it. Charging through the citadel with the uber gravity gun.

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Things have come a long way. Brendan Tell us a little about yourself. In such an instance, I think the question is moot. Oh its Half Life again.

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Next video up tomorrow already recorded. Would you prefer to fight Zombines or Mibecraft Elite Guards The Zombine are more interesting than the Combine elite, combine elite are just regular combine soldiers.

When I play a game, I get wrapped up in it, and the hours just fly by. If hardvight breaks, I know how to mjnecraft it. Ending was also very powerfull. Shotgun all the way. HL1, it starts off the entire series. Thankfully the PC has surpassed the Amiga tenfold by now…. As far as shoot-em-ups go, HL is the only one I could really get into.


I really liked the citadel in Ep1, but still I have to say Black Mesa. Hmm… something around 16 years.

At least in HL2 I was technically getting rescued. Black Mesa Who would you save Alyx or Barney?

Interviewing my own readers

Citadel was cool but the gray and metallic environment was a bit repetitive and too human-less… Who would you save Alyx or Barney? Plus I heard their meatloaf is pretty good!

I had to knock those sessions off when I started having HL-style dreams. The Canteen, so as to avoid microwave mishaps. The HL2 series Try and describe it in five words.