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Haruka tells Natsuki to grill the vegetables first as it will even seem delicious to a hungry Chiaki. Caught up in a sudden rainstorm, Touma is forced to make an emergency stopover at Chiaki’s house but finds that the hospitality comes with a price: Since Chiaki, Kana, and Uchida cannot go to sleep, they wake up the others to tell ghost stories. The arc that follows thereafter details the prologue of the social dynamic Fujioka is involved in with both Chiaki and Touma: The study session’s academic success contrasts with the fact that Riko has not once confessed her feelings seeming content to enjoy the ambiance of proximity to Fujioka. Episode 0 DearS:

Retrieved September 30, Their swimming suits are too small. This page was last edited on 17 February , at Haruka comes in and Makoto decides to help Haruka cook. The next arc features Uchida having a near-complete computation crash as she struggles to complete her summer homework without Chiaki’s counsel as the penance for abusing Chiaki’s goodwill. Secrets of Mako-chan” Transcription:

Mako-chan urges everybody to go buy sweets just as Chiaki asks him to sleep with her. Makoto comes over with Uchida the next day and Kana dresses him up like a girl.

The arc the follows thereafter details the epilogue of a recent test in which Riko, Fujioka, and Kana’s test scores are close to Keiko’s perfect score. While modifying a shirt of Kana’s, Chiaki accidentally slices Haruka’s fuku skirt.

The anime series consists of four seasons. Chiaki taking on this stewardship with the very notes that Haruka was taking earlier ends up inspiring Hosaka and herself an extra spicy curry. The next arc details Kana conducting ind volition of a study session at her home with Keiko and Fujioka that Riko decides to capitalize upon. Touma’s secret is almost revealed to Fujioka when he sees her in a girls’ uniform.

Minami-ke Tadaima Episode 3 Subtitle Indonesia

Unfortunately, all Kana accomplishes is to greatly tadxima Chiaki and frighten her into co-sleeping with Haruka. Fujioka forgotten which floor they are and ended up in the roof. Kana declares it a ‘pajama festival’ and puts herself in charge of hospitality, to Chiaki’s annoyance. Epixode final arc details Takeru availing a superstition of Takeru’s pen pointing to one’s desire to find, tadaimma points to Kana pulling her usual pranks and a fact that has been demonstrated all throughout.

Is It a Golden Ball? Slightly shocked, Fujioka says he’s too shy. Hosaka tries to get close to Haruka by making impressive bentos for her. This is a list of episodes for the anime Minami-kea story about the everyday lives of the three Minami sisters who live on their own and the problems they face in everyday life epiwode their friends at school and at home. There are four anime television series and two original video animation OVA adaptations of Minami-kedone by three separate animation studios.


Unfortunately, Chiaki especially after the soda geyser is not amused at the exhibition and Atsuko is put on the hot seat after Haruka takes Maki away. Chiaki accidentally breaking the Minami sisters’ mugs sets the stage for a labyrinth of complex and unnecessary strategic game theory computations that conclude to Kana’s detriment. Knowing that Haruka will be very angry with them when she detects the damage, Kana tsdaima Chiaki attempt some desperate and frenzied repairs to buy time for computing their next move.

The first season produced by Daume first aired on October 7, and was directed by Masahiko Ohta.

Minami-ke Tadaima Episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia

Retrieved November 18, Series currently running in Weekly Young Magazine. Haruka sleeps the entire time, trying to ignore her sisters, until her highschool friends throw her into the pool.

We learn that Chiaki doesn’t know how to swim and doesn’t want the others to find out. The next arc details how the Minami sisters deal with an abundance of apples. Takeru treats the hungry sisters and their friends to a sushi buffet and limits them to 10, yen per person but Chiaki accidentally orders too much.

The tadqima arc is related to the first and details the conflagration of Touma confronting Natsuki who repels fpisode brothers’ attempts to come to their sister’s aid. A third anime series, also by Asread and titled Minami-ke: Anime and Manga portal.

Afterwards, tadsima sees Haruka feeding Natsuki a piece of meat and Chiaki takes back her compliment, interrupting them. Kana teaches Chiaki’s friends about how to deal with a suspicious man.

The manga, created by Koharu Sakurabawas adapted into an anime series by three studios. Kana and Chiaki go buy swimming suits, while Haruka makes dinner.

The next arc depicts the Minami brothers discussing what to give Touma for her birthday and revealing that Hitomi is the second-generation Banchou Natsuki can’t lay a finger on because she’s a girl. Worried that the rabbit was a gift to Haruka that she treasures, both Kana and Chiaki try to repair the rabbit. Kana tells Makoto of Chiaki’s dearth of sports proficiency and warns that helping Chiaki will jeopardize his transvestite mirage.


Cover of the first volume.

Minami-ke Tadaima Episode 05 Subtitle Indonesia

A local shop ttadaima gives Haruka tickets to a new indoor pool. Mako-chan is invited to her house by Kana.

Fortunately, the misunderstanding is quickly resolved and everybody has a wonderful time at the Tanabata party glad to be together. As Chiaki and enters and complains about her swimsuit, Kana and the girls plan a trip, which ends up as a regular sleepover. Chiaki’s exhortation for the whereabouts of her teddy bear disrupts the reminiscence; fortunately, Fujioka brings it back and Kana successfully obfuscates her role.

Kana decides to get along with Fujioka, and seeks Chiaki’s advice on how to do it; she tells her to do a certain move if things go bad. Sorry to Keep You Waiting. The misunderstanding is ultimately resolved by everybody making faces at each other.

Though she initially misinterprets Natsuki’s counsel on her conduct, Touma finally catches the lesson — and a set of clean clothes. Omatasefollowed by a fourth anime series in titled Minami-ke: An anime series produced by Daume aired in Realizing that he can’t have a minai with only themselves, he decides to ask his friends to join him but they all say that they won’t be able to make it since they are attending another barbecue.

The study session’s academic success contrasts with the fact that Riko has not once confessed her feelings seeming content to enjoy the ambiance of proximity to Fujioka.

Season one until season three minaji spanning 13 episodes. A Ninomiya-kun and Sensei video game challenge between Chiaki and Kana takes place.

What follows is an exercise in game theory in which Kana leads Chiaki through an enigmatic scenario to obfuscate her volition for having the entire payload to herself since Haruka’s estimated arrival time is an unknown variable.