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The single’s accompanying music video was directed by Andreas Nilsson , who created the concept after discussing genetic engineering and surveillance with the band. As he looks out the window, it is revealed he is in outer space aboard a house-shaped spaceship. Archived from the original on 12 March Prior to their digital release, the Lu Cont and Gartner remixes premiered online on 10 and 27 February , respectively. He chugs some milk and then notices a pair of shoes on a pedestal. The “Paddling Out” video begins as a man awakens on the floor of his house. Problems playing this file?

Problems playing this file? Retrieved 3 April The Kansas City Star. Log In I forgot my password. Hear Miike Snow’s ‘Paddling Out ‘ “. The video opens with an overweight, be-mulleted guy waking up on his floor after a night of hard drinking of “Banana Juice” in what we assume to be his house. Miike Snow — ‘Paddling Out ‘ “. On the attention to detail side, the video uses a lot of small clues to give these weird kids some sort of backstory.

Problems playing this file? For instance, it’s never really explained why the house ship is crashing. Views Read Edit View history.

It added a kind of classic environment to the whole album. Moayeri of Under the Radar noted the band’s “blatant acknowledgement of rave-y influences” on the track, and perceived it as a stand-out on the album. Naming it “absolutely jaw-dropping”, Sawdey went on to appoint it as “one of the best dance tracks that’s not being played right now”.

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This is apparently relatively standard procedure for radio stations undergoing a format change it has since… Read More. So we will leave that for people to piece together the puzzle”. Miike Snow — Happy to You”. The space ship that he’s on is staffed entirely by children in fancy clothes from the s, including full on powdered wigs. David Knight – 13th Feb Some are older and some are younger, but I’d say these are all essentially children. Retrieved 4 April Also, what are all the Jean Noels studying for?


Miike Snow’s Happy to You”. Archived from the original on 12 March He puts them on and starts dancing. He chugs some milk and then notices a pair of shoes on a pedestal. It’s like trying to be cool – if you have to try too hard, maybe you aren’t cool by the way, I’m cool. He is transformed into a “Perfect Human” called Jean Noel, which includes a big nose, strong chin, erect nipples, “massive cock”, shirtless upper body and leather pants.

Miike Snow ‘Paddling Out’ by Andreas Nilsson

There imike fine line between trying to be “weird” and just being genuinely strange, and it’s a line that makes and breaks a lot of music videos that decide to go down the “weird” path. Retrieved 13 April The former agency creative joins the production company for UK representation in ….

These aliens are period-dressing cosmetic surgeons in a house-shaped spaceship-cum clone factory, who transform a hapless redneck earthling into the ultimate human – who happens to have an enormous schnozz Miike Snow — Paddling Out” in Dutch.

It also became the band’s fourth consecutive entry on the UK Singles Chartpeaking imike number Miike Snow Happy to You iii.

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After taking some time out from directing, multi-award winning director and photographer Josh Cole has signed to Kode Media for music videos and commercials. Musically, vjdeo Out” is a piano-driven electropop and house song with disco, Italo house and acid jazz elements, backed by a four on the floor beat.

Next video Bonobo ‘Eyesdown’ ft. It’s around that time that he looks out the pxddling and notices that his house is not on earth anymore – it’s in outer space, and two small children in space suits are here to take him away by zapping him unconscious with some sort of lazer beam guns.


Miike Snow, Happy to You”. Retrieved 8 April Prior to their digital release, the Lu Cont and Gartner remixes premiered online on 10 and 27 Februaryrespectively. We are never really told why they are creating so many of these perfect human prototypes, but seeing as their spaceship is mostly equipped with s furniture and is steered by steering wheel from a sailing ship, maybe they don’t need a reason.

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Now comes the second part of the Jean Noel saga, and its even more bonkers. Retrieved 24 Vdeo This video is a really amazing mix of nonsense and attention to detail. Dutch Top 40 Retrieved 9 April The New Zealand Herald. Some have said that he hates his new look and dances the sadness awaybut I think this could just as easily be vodeo case of Jean Noel loving his new look and getting so excited he has to dance.

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Most of the time on Music Video Relapse I am writing about a music video that is a vdieo for a good reason – either being iconic or just fondly remembered. The dude is now in great shape, so he can’t be all that paddling.

Videos News Features Profiles Submit. Archived from the original on 23 January Archived from the original on 13 August Usually it’s a record label, but sometimes it’s a random name.

Additional recording was managed by Nille Pernerd.