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In the pilot episode, he is mute, according to Fossil. In the episode ” Killeroo “, Howard possesses an unseen disfigurement on his torso. He later appeared in all episodes of series two and three of The Mighty Boosh , and in the and live shows. Saboo is portrayed by Richard Ayoade. Instead, he gets drunk. He often claims different parts of his body or aspects of his style to be “powerful” when he is subjected to mockery. She was, however, interested in Vince, admiring his paintings, remarking that Vince’s portrait of Howard a featureless face atop a Zooniverse uniform looked just like him, and going to Vince when her snake was stolen by Bainbridge, much to Howard’s disgust and envy. Dennis is portrayed by Julian Barratt.

My Dashboard Get Published. He is played by Olly Ralfe in this short scene. It is eventually defeated by an infected safety pin previously used by Sid Vicious and walks away complaining, falling over just outside the door of the Nabootique. In the TV series Fossil is portrayed as incompetent; for example he does not know how to dial with a phone and calls a portable tape recorder his “talk box”. He is an ardent fan of Fleetwood Mac , to the extent of suggesting playing the album Tusk in its entirety while DJ-ing Howard’s birthday party with Saboo. Although he dances energetically and enthusiastically, he falls to his knees at the end of the song, complaining of his “old legs.

He was originally created for a episode of the second series of The Mighty Boosh” Nanageddon “, and later returned for three episodes of the third series.

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In the episode “Party” of series 3, it is revealed that Naboo has no genitals. The Hitcher is sometimes accompanied by two short, rotund henchmen called the Piper Twins.

From that moment on whenever Howard played an instrument the Spirit of Jazz would possess him and make him do “strange things” such as playing the trumpet so vigorously that his clothes tore off. The Hitcher’s first appearance was in Autobooshwhere he encounters Howard and Vince, trapping them in a box and then rapping about it.

Howard ignorantly made a deal with him years ago, which the spirit claimed would make Howard one of the yony jazz musicians of all time in Yorkshire.

Find out more about page archiving. Howard along with Lester Corncrake shrink down and enters Vince’s body in an attempt to defeat the jazz cell but end up bringing it out of Vince’s body with them and making it much larger. In the “Call Of The Yeti” episode, it is shown that Vince has a scar in his lower stomach from a Nicky Clarke harison after he fell asleep on one hqrrison them while in a drunken state.

In the form of the jazz cell, Howlin’ Jimmy looks like a ball of black dreadlocks with a head and top hat. He is also referred to very briefly in episode 1 of season 1 Killaroo when Vince states that Leroy had told him earlier he saw Howard dancing for Fossil in the moonlight in “little blue pants” and is bosh referenced in “The Ape of Death” talking to Vince on a cellphone when Howard is “haunting” him.


Dennis is portrayed by Julian Barratt. In the series, Fossil has his own theme song for the zoo: In both versions he is the previous owner of the zoo where Howard and Vince work; he is assumed by many to be dead.

He returns in the third episode of series 3, “The Power of the Crimp”, as the owner of the Velvet Onion club, where Vince and Howard regularly gig.

Bainbridge is the owner of the Zooniverse, as well as being an admired adventurer. The Piper Twins are dressed similarly to the Hitcher, with similar Polo mint eyes, but wear bowler hats and have long red moustaches, made from strawberry bootlaces. Vince also claims he is the “King of the Mods”.

He is said to have helped Howard edit the show’s script in tont series 1 episode “Tundra”, cutting out the scene where Vince has the legs episodee a ram. Mrs Gideon is portrayed by Victoria Wicks. The parka epispdes then states “Oh, that’s where my pen went! His attempts to impress her with his novel writing [ 3 ] and snake capturing [ 1 ] are often the launching point for his and Vince’s adventures.

One of the Parka people appears in the stage show, played by Noel Fielding. It was revealed in The Mighty Book Of Boosh that Bainbridge had been knighted in a story that involved Bainbridge rescuing his kidnapped wife in Brazil. He was created for the stage show Autobooshand later appeared in the radio seriesfour episodes of the television seriesand the stage show, The Mighty Booshin which he is the main antagonist, killing all the main characters at one point.

In the TV series Fossil is portrayed as incompetent and bizarrely unaware of common terms; for example he does not know how to dial with a phone and calls a portable tape recorder his “talk box”. He next appeared in ” Mutants “, where he is stolen by Bainbridge to mutate.

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He was originally created for Fielding’s stand-up show Voodoo Hedgehog at the Edinburgh Festival. In all of his appearances on stage or TV, Rudy has large buck teeth, browned skin and a large afro haircut with a door in bosh, called the door of Kukundu, that can open to take people on bizarre psychedelic trips.

He is also hony to briefly in episode 1 of season 1 Killeroo when Vince states that Leroy had told him earlier he saw Howard dancing for Fossil in the moonlight in “little blue pants” and is later referenced in “The Ape of Death” talking noosh Vince on a cellphone when Howard is “haunting” him.

He even says to Howard, “I’m the confuser! Vince also claims he is the “King of the Mods”. Such tendencies are first noted in the episode “Journey to the Centre of the Punk” when his singular brain cell remarks to Howard that he ” does swing both ways ” but didn’t really feel “it” with him.


He is loud and brash and is normally portrayed as Howard and Vince’s enemy, often trying to set them up for disaster, although on occasion he has expressed attraction to both of them. This article will be eplsodes flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. He has claimed to have “deeply Spanish” lineage; Vince usually counters that he is “clearly from Leeds”. The creature was naked, covered in hair and never barrison.

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In one episode he invites party guests to “bask in the glory of [his] outfit”. It is often implied that Vince is narcissisticputting great pride in his appearance, especially his hair[ 17 ] which he describes as “a basic back-comb structure, slightly root-boosted framing with a cheeky fringe.

Vince’s main personality trait is his relaxed outlook on life, living with perpetually laid back ease, socialising easily with those around him. By looking deep into episoeds parka, one can see one’s deepest desire.

Fossil speaks with epiodes American accent.

Booosh appears unable to speak without smiling, even when relaying the most dire information, such as when relaying the importance of Shaman Juice to Naboo after Naboo had the juice taken from him by Crack Fox. List of recurring characters List of minor characters Unnatural Acts Sweet.

In the second series, Howard and Vince harriaon left the zoo and formed a band together. Vince is often quite sarcastic to Howard, but when in the radio series Howard says he is going to leave the zoo, Vince tries to persuade him not to, but Howard states that “or would you rather fly around in a chopperletting off flares?

As he melted at the end of prior appearance while washing in the Fountain of Youth, this last change of appearance could stem from being de-aged. Neimoidia, like all shamans, [ 6 ] will turn his back on people to teach them a lesson. Tommy Nookah was originally portrayed by Richard Ayoade. In this form he looks the same as he did when he was alive but now has a number of supernatural powers and uses them to possess people such as Howard.

The Moon talks about himself, the stars and other planets, as well as strange and often borderline incoherent things.

Noel Fielding: Vince Noir, The Moon, Tony Harrison

The series 1 episode ” Electro ” is the first appearance of Howlin’ Jimmy Jefferson. Tony Harrison is portrayed by Noel Fielding.

Whenever Howard is near to death, he pleads not to die, saying, “Don’t kill me. He also frequently refers to his colleagues as ‘plum s ‘ and variations thereof when they act foolishly.