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Where did you go, then? Being locked in the dark, being trapped in the priest’s hole. Laura Howard as Cully Barnaby. He has been struck dumb ever since. We had our moments but I loved him so, so much. How can I put this? No-one is going to hurt you. Series 15 opens with an eerie episode featuring an apparently headless horseman scaring the locals.

I have to find this person. No wonder he got his head blown off. But you kept doing it. Now you mention it, I think it was. They never got over Naseby. That was quite a stunt. Barnaby and Jones investigate the death of a woman at a dairy. But we always win.

Best thing that ever happened to me. As opposed to Julian.

She was riding it when she was thrown five years ago. I have to arrange these flowers for my husband. Jane Wymark as Joyce Barnaby. When Sir Ludovic eventually dies. You know Just like new, right as rain. That is a sense of community, Jones.

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And he saw a headless rider. Not as good as Sash and her chums. Sarah Barnaby is the commentator at the Civil War battle but gets angry when the re-enactment veers wildly away from history. That’s like a whole tree hit him. There will be a full inquiry. Are you OK to answer darj questions?


Midsomer Murders (1997) s15e01 Episode Script

You said you don’t have a grey. I am on your side. I’ve got to do something. Simon, I’m just a policeman, but in my line of work I tend to come into people’s lives when they are at their most vulnerable and confused. Written by don minifie No, we don’t have a grey.

Amanda’s been a bit more distant in the last few years.

And no-one really stands to benefit from Bentham’s death. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: What do you want now? You certainly managed with Bentham.

What have you done? We pause for a moment of grief or reflection. You know, it When his mind can cope. He likes to watch telly up there.

The Dark Rider

Get out of there! Something to do with a Rupert DeQuetteville.

I was getting my troops in order. Toby’s mentally disturbed son Simon DeQuetteville has always claimed that the headless horseman had appeared prior to his mother’s death.


I want to hire your entire stables for the day on Sunday. Healthy and Safety have said that if it descends to its usual drunken brawl they’ll ban it next year.

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Being mean to Julian. I have a life waiting outside, you know.

So where were you this morning, sir? There seems to have syopsis a serious reversal of fortune here. A few years ago, Toby’s first wife Angela was killed in a riding accident.