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When a young woman slips away from a camp site where a Jane Austen fantasy event is taking place dressed in period attire, and is found stabbed in the woods with a quill, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter discover that the victim was a journalist interested in the village’s healthcare drone delivery program, and are forced to look back in time to find the killer. When Jack is murdered, the detective must delve into the dark secrets in the victim’s past. Also present is disgraced ex-policeman Jack Colby, a former colleague of Barnaby’s – but Jack refuses to talk to his old friend. However, Barnaby, who had been in France on holiday during the investigation, is not convinced that the local poacher Pringle arrested, who pleads he is innocent, is the true culprit. As plans to shut the Midsomer Magna factory are being put into action, Alan’s wife Hilary and brother Charles are married in the village church – much to the dismay of Alan’s son Ian. The ending is a little corny. When they learn of Simpson’s criminal convictions – and the reasons he went to jail – they are set on the path to solving the mystery.

A row between keen birdwatchers in Midsomer-in-the-Marsh turns nasty when their president is killed. Can Barnaby riddle out the reason for the strange s dance music heard playing at each murder scene? Arthur Leggott, a retired music teacher, is bludgeoned to death in his home in Badger’s Drift, when he confronts an intruder who apparently came for a musical manuscript by the late composer, Joan Alder. Quotes [ first lines ] Connor Simpson: It isn’t long before he finds that Eddie Marston is attempting blackmail, and soon murdered as a result, and that Lord Holm is in love with Jack’s wife, psychotherapist Gina. She is seen as profligate but doesn’t really have any control over what is happening to here. Yet Barnaby and Jones learn he may have been planning to write a book that could have been quite uncomfortable for someone, leading the pair to determine whether members of the Chettham family, or their friends, were responsible.

Quotes [ first lines ] Delyth Mostyn: It is difficult for Mr Barnaby to uncover prospective murderers of this mostly well-liked man, but with a few more deaths, an attempted burglary and some word-processed lines from a local folk poem taking Barnaby and Troy on a journey to the far past, it looks like the killer could be right under their noses.

His father, Anthony Talbot, insists that someone from the nearby village of Midsomer Parva was responsible, but things are not as straightforward veath Barnaby and Troy, when they slowly discover that Daniel had wanted to run away during the race.


It’s not long before their investigations turn sinister, when Nick’s rival, Otto Benham, is brutally murdered after having wine bottles catapulted at him, all within view of his wife. There are certainly possible suspects in the murder and attempt on Kirkwood, from Delyth’s children, who oppose the engagement, Delyth’s husband, and more, as the detectives investigate things, in hopes of uncovering the truth before a major walk is to take place on Mount Snowdon.

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When Kate discovers the safety wires have been sabotaged, a murder investigation is launched. In Midsomer Mow, the gruesome discovery of a farmer’s eviscerated body in an ancient stone circle is made just days before the spring equinox. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

And where is her boyfriend Finn? He soon has to determine if ghosts, criminals, or something else, is behind the abductions and murders. Simpson had received an apparently threatening note with a pig’s heart enclosed. When local undertaker, Patrick Pennyman, is found by his wife bludgeoned to death in his own chapel of rest with a heavy object, Barnaby and Jn find themselves wondering who within Fletcher’s Cross left him with a shocked look upon his face before he was killed.

Harriet Farmer wakes up after being in a coma since the night she tried to elope. It seems the club has a rift between the snobbish members, and local villagers, the latter only allowed onto the course for a veath hours a week. Slowly but surely, both begin uncovering a web of lies, affairs and domestic arguments, alongside a mysterious recluse with a hidden past.

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Audible Download Audio Books. When Alice Bly arrives at the Lawnside nursing home in Aspern Tallow to rest up from hospital treatment, she is unconvinced by the home’s director and its physician that one of the residents had died naturally, on the night shortly deagh her arrival, especially as the deqth owned a valuable Cartier watch that has since gone missing.

Both he and Scott quickly learn that Guy was a ladies’ man with many enemies, and had been in secret meetings with a few other members. Soon afterwards, a serial killer strikes members of a chess club.

Matters soon become complicated, when the body of the best man’s father is found in a well that was being renovated, whom the detectives soon discover had disappeared on the day he was planning to run away with a local farmer’s wife. Douglas Watkinson screenplayCaroline Graham characters. Connor Simpson, a choir member in Midsomer Worthy, passes murder during a rehearsal and goes home.


Barnaby gets to relive his former days of sporting glory when a death at the local Rugby Club sends Barnaby and Winter into a muddle of rucks, old grudges, new romances And the music is lovely. Crazy Credits Someone wasn’t paying attention: La La Land 6.

Death and Dust

Martin Barrett, a local council clerk living in Midsomer Worthy, is murdered during the night by shotgun, prompting Barnaby and Jones to find a chrus for his murder.

Just as Barnaby begins to learn that Ruth was not all she seemed to be, officers of the NIS pull him off the case. Audible Download Audio Books.

As they investigate, the pair quickly find themselves drawn towards a local spiritualist church that had been heavily controversial in epiodes village, after a friend of Joyce, investigating both the church and the undertaker on suspicion that they were stealing from the dead and using information acquired from them, is murdered shortly after the latest spiritualist meeting. During a Wild West show at the local faire, the witch on the ‘Dunk the Witch’ stall is well and truly dunked but laughter soon turns to horror when she doesn’t get up and the water in the tank starts to turn red.

It quickly becomes clear the two victims knew a secret about edath of the villagers, something that they are prepared to silence peisodes any means necessary.

Death in Chorus

Delaney was driving Dr. Cborus before she dies from her injuries, Barnaby learns from her that someone had pushed her and soon discovers her near-death earlier in the evening was no accident.

Season 9 got off to a brilliant start with “The House in the Woods” while all the episodes in between ranged from decent to very good and “Country Matters” was great and one of the best episodes of the season.