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Tommy Blacha as William Murderface in. Now put the guitar back on. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Every subscription supports the running of our service. You got your coffee? The style of the race and drivers vaguely resembles the videogame Rock n’ Roll Racing by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s just not fair. Meanwhile, on Mordhaus, the band are drinking polluted recording water without Dick’s warning.

Following the attempt on their lives in the season one finale, Dethklok has withdrawn from the public eye. Log in to watch more. Rockzo asking for his help. And it would be great if you guys could keep your comments. He ends his governorship asserting, “I leave Florida better than I found it. Episode also known as “P. The Tribunal then reviews the incident, revealing that it is being repeated around the country; the culprits are the Revengencers: On Burzums, the band are seen talking to their incinerated doubles, until Murderface accidentally shoots them.

How the am I supposed to records this now? What’s the problem now?

Metalocalypse (season 2)

What the do you mean, “no”? Offdensen proposes that Murderface produce the charity event as Skwisgaar and Toki take driving classes. Views Read Edit View history.


Is this thing going on the record or what? The Revengencers begin attacking Mordhaus by land as General Crozier watches the chaos from a helicopter. Because those towels are really hot!

Millions of Dethklok fans have gathered around Mordhaus.

This season featured the new re-recorded version of the “Deththeme”, released as a hidden track on The Dethalbum. How about I do this I’ll smash your face?

Snow’s Con Calma sample of Snow feat. Edgar remembers his life before his brother’s death, when he lived for Dethklok and is unable to pull the trigger before being metalocalypwe upon and mercilessly beaten by Klokateers.

Nashville Pussy’s ‘Takin’ It Easy’ sample of Takin’ It Easy scene in Metalocalypse | WhoSampled

Here we are shut out of the metalkcalypse process again. The concert then explodes, killing Pickles’ former band, along with Kixx. This will mean the new album is complete. Nathan breaks up with his comatose girlfriend, Rebecca Nightrod, from episode “Girlfriendklok, after he finds out she is “canoodling” with billionaire hotel heir Walt Perkins.

It’s the same old song and dance, my friend They’re in there with writer’s block and we’re out here brimming with ideas. We can still talks them into it! Interpolation Replayed Sample of Score 0 Votes.


Metalocalypse () s02e18 Episode Script | SS

Okays, but I don’t see the poi It stops buzzings once I gives it to this guy. Oh Skwisgaar, you know what this means, right? What did you just say?

Get a pad of paper! Toki receives a phone call informing him that his Dad has cancer. The assassin from the episode “The Metalocalypse Eash Begun”, is seen torturing a Klokateer, trying to find out how to get into Mordhaus.

The tension is thick, and the world. Oh, right, right, right, sorry.

Metalocalypse (2006) s02e18 Episode Script

You’re all passing on “Takin’ it Easy”? Click this button to skip to the next video.

And it may be the most dangerous things I ams evers done. Make my profile public at. Hey, can I stop you right there? Always play videos fullscreen. Brian Eipsode and Gene Hoglan Songs included: