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It’s as simple as that. Almost everyone collapsed to the ground, laying against the crafting table. I knew he wanted to the whole time. I’d love some ideas. I’d rather be at my home. I don’t know what I expected. The creature from before, the one that took me here, came into the building.

He walked over to me. I fell to my knees. I didn’t really want to know, either. I had no idea where he was taking me. The creature from before, the one that took me here, came into the building. He’d be killed if anyone found out about how he was treating me.

I had to use the wall for help. The door opened, allowing light to pour into the room. I don’t understand him. Was I going fanfictioon die? It’s better than using all my strength to mine. Jerome pulled Mitch’s hoodie off, paws running down his side and under the beige shirt.

He’d be killed if anyone found out about how he was treating me. I’d rather be at my home. People stood at them. Mitch moaned, unbuttoning Jerome’s dress shirt seaaon tugging it off impatiently.

Merome One-Shots Chapter 5: Slave, a minecraft fanfic | FanFiction

Just one blow would kill anyone. He came soon himself, stilling inside as he growled out Mitch’s name almost animalistically; wildly and posessively. Was there something about me that they needed?


Jerome was the first one to speak, turning his head to look Mitch into his chocolate eyes. He had long, brown, matted hair. Was I like that? Jerome circled Mitch’s entrance, making the Canadian shudder. I felt his hand. There was a building in the distance.

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It was obvious, judging from his fidgeting. Again, we were given a carrot at the end of the day.

I knew he wanted to the whole time. He wrapped his arms around me. It took a long time to cook up almost six stacks of cobble and turn them into stone bricks. Thankfully, they sucked at aiming.

Soon, I drifted off to sleep, along with everyone else in the building. Today, everyone was given cobblestone and coal. He pushed me into the building, closing the door behind us. Perhaps as a sex slave? All guards wielded diamond swords. The women, which there were very little of, farmed. I’ve never seen these people before.

His face was sunken in. We were allowed to stop for the day.


Sure, the wore enchanted diamond, but will all of us, we could do some damage. My heart was racing and I wanted to cry. The Canadian smiled a goofy smile at the Bacca, sitting on his abdomen. He pointed to an open crafting table. He took the sword from me and shoved more iron into my hand. I made it longer than usual because you guys had to wait: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Their lips slid against each others perfectly and Jerome’s tongue slipped inside, past Mitch’s soft lips, during a moan. I looked like everyone else in here. I couldn’t hear them anymore. I laughed at my ridiculous thoughts. I bet if everyone had iron swords, we could easily kill the guards. I’d never been in this section of the camp before.

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