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Though some slash fans have happily interpreted that in a different way, especially as Gwaine woke up shirtless even though his injury was on his thigh. Subtitles for hearing impaired. Arthur believes the quest is his but Merlin, separated from the others, meets the Fisher King, who tells him he is the chosen one. WEB-DL one year ago 13 In Gwaine’s first episode, he approaches Gwen and flirts with her by offering her a flower. Merlin – 05×10 – The Kindness of Strangers.

Hanya me-resync ke DVDrip dan menambahkan sedikit kata yang terlewat. Many fans have taken this as part of his characterization, with some even speculating on whether or not he is an alcoholic. Please note that most of the examples used in the sections above are not listed here. La caverna di cristallo. Merlin Season 4 Bluray p pahe. Later in the episode, Gwaine gets in trouble with Uther for attacking a knight, however he does not reveal his own noble birth.

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Merlin – 05×08 – The Hollow Queen. Il diamante del giorno 2. 3×088 made the implications of the moment clear:. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Merlin s01e07The Gate of Avalon. Gwaine flirts with Gwenbut she says she is not interested, although they are sweet and friendly with each other. Full Cast and Crew.

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Merlin Season 4 All Episodes. In Rescue me by eurydice72, Elena is the one rescuing Gwaine and they talk a little about their opinion on traditional female and male roles in their society.


WEB-DL one year ago 13 Merlin Lancelot and Guinevere However, in AUs where Arthur is on a sports team, Gwaine is often his team member instead.

Gwaine is often seen as daring in more sexual aubtitles, too. Merlin the witchs quickening Sista avsnittet av serien Merlin. Reactions to this direction varied.

Gwaine and Lancelot share zubtitles characteristics, including most of a plot in their introductory episodes. Removed 3 lines to 2 lines. L’amore all’epoca dei draghi.

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La BBC, dopo aver lanciato Robin Hood, ha proposto questa nuova serie medievale, dalle sfumature magiche: Merlin – 05×12 – The Diamond of the Day: In 4×02, Percival saved Gwaine from a Dorocha by knocking him out of the way and landing on top of him. The Eye of the Phoenix 04 Mar 8. Con mfrlin il mio cuore. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. La spada nella roccia 2.

Merlin S05E04 – Anothers Sorrow. Merlin – 05×05 – The Disir. Subtitles for hearing impaired. Merlin s1e1The Dragons Call timing cocok bukan google translate. Gwaine has been adopted into the set of characters commonly used in modern Alternate Universes.

When he’s not Merlin’s lover and sometimes even when he ishe is often cast as Merlin’s best friend, such as in Same River Twice by Kianspo. Merlin03x13The Coming of Arthur- Part 2. Merlin Seson 05 Az 1 Ta Ghesmat Subtitles are machine translated. Please note that most of the examples used in the sections above are not listed here.

As this anonymous gif setArchived version illustrates, some people ship Gwaine and Morgana for their common hatred of certain aristocracy, or for their gorgeous angst and darkness, seen in Fuckyeahmorwaine wants to knowArchived version and Sweet Dreams.


There have been some shipping tensions involving Gwaine. metlin

Merlin04x02The Darkest HourPart 2. Watch Now With Prime Video. Merlin04x01The Darkest HourPart 1. Merlin The Lady of the Lake. His father was a knight of Caerleon. Adventurous, unconventional Gwaine is also paired with tentaclesusually with Merlin involved somehow. Merlin – 05×10 – The Kindness of Strangers.

Il servitore di due padroni. L’ultimo signore dei draghi. The Adventures of Merlin. Subtitled Gwaine’s first episode, he approaches Gwen and flirts with her by offering her a flower. Merlin s01e08 The Beginning of The End.

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La chiamata del drago. However, the merlon jewel subtitless away Arthur’s life force and he is left defenceless in the Fisher King’s perilous realm. Lunchee continues, “Gwaine, at this point in time, is so much better for Merlin than Arthur is Just Resync to DVDrip.

In the “reader freetalk” end of her podfic of Honourable Intentionslunchee explains that Gwaine was her favourite new character from season 3: AU, the tension between Morgana and Gwaine is primarily tied to them not wanting to publicly acknowledge their relationship, their different personalities, and their different connections to Merlin and Arthur, who are in an established relationship but fighting.