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You bash mitch so hard and all you care about is your pathetic image. She realizes that Soda’s friend Mitch is not fooled by her games, and that he sees right through her whorish manipulations. How many times have you degraded women? Putting it on stream was the worst thing possible. Everyone has seen you AND Lea talk shit about mitch. Why do I keep reading the word “friend” in the post if you were never friends? See you on the street when your streaming career is over.

Furthermore, the dude apologized numerous times. I just think things have gotten to you over time and you have blocked out anyone who would otherwise have the relationship with you to challenge your flawed way of thinking. So let us let bygones be bygones. If I had to do your job for 8 hours a day and only made six figures, I wouldn’t do it, I’d change my name and never let anyone hear from me again as I started life over. It was just poor timing from your side and I think the majority can figure out the small streamer comment was directed to Hotted and not Byron. Haha, Lea is literally an evil bitch and kinda turns people into drama machines to produce publicity for herself. I don’t even mind whatever slutty things lea do, I get annoyed on how a defensive prick you became, getting triggered so easily whenever your gf is brought up, banning people. I hope you and your channels continue to grow and prosper, and I’d like to do the same once more.

Also i apologize for bad grammar since my first language is obviously not English. Can you make good money doing it? Pulling that “gamers hate women” out of your ass was just the icing on top of your whole retardness.

Yes you ran a similar stream back in the days and what was it you told people getting offended. I unsubbed a few months ago for several reasons, none of which relate to Lea in any way or your person life. That was a really bad mishap in her 3 year streaming career so far, but that’s the only thing people tend to notice.

How many times have you made snide remarks about female twitch streamers? I remember your ass from Xfire when you had to make 14 different accounts over the span of a few days and then FAILED the first time you attempted to switch to Twitch.

I’d do it too. When THOUSANDS of your own viewers side drams the opposing viewpoint despite having long-standing affiliations with your stream, there is something substantial to that view.


Mitch apologized sodapooppin calling your girlfriend the “30k thingy” but have you for what you have done to him? You have fed into her bullshit and now you think it is normal. Shit you’re a conceited, hypocritical piece of shit. As someone said in another comment, if Celeste lied to you 2 times there is a high possibility that she did it once again to defend Lea for whatever she might have said during their chat. So did you get dumber these few hours after talking with mitch off stream?

This is so irrelevant it’s silly. You where being hypocrite since if you go back, you were in his exakt position but you could never be held responsible so why should he and to you of all. Sodpaoppin viewers are there to troll him, but do care about him immensley as well. Mitch didn’t say a single bad thing about you ever and didn’t do so in the discussion either, you resorted to personal attacks and couldn’t behave yourself.

Simply see meercader as a joke.

One of my concerns is, what exactly do you tell people when you’re older and they’re going through archives and vods of you doing some of the ridiculous crap you do for donation money? Even Nick said something to you awhile back, grow up bro she’s going to hurt you. I think most people are pissed over your retarded arguments, no idea why some people are blaming Lea on this one, I’m really not her biggest fan, but even still this was you.

The world has a lot of shit wrong with it and that’s just one small thing. He acts as if he’s been there and done that but really all he’s managed to do is try and try again until he got the winning formula to get from his words “retards” to watch him. They aren’t going to care where you are or what you do in a couple of year’s time, they’ll just move onto someone else and spam their chat.

I talked to Celeste that night on skype to make sure Lea or myself never said anything, Celeste confirmed over, and over, that we NEVER said anything bad about Mitch that could be noted. You didn’t used to be all high and mighty before you had your sub button. Africa and other third world countries are filled with rich people who take the majority of donations that come through the country and there’s nothing the poor starving children or we can do about it, it’s a fact of life.


Funny how you blame other people and then get thrown evidence in your face that you did exactly the same. Tsvetomir “realg4life” Nikolaev Sports. What is two-faced however is withholding the truth just to make a stronger arguments even to yours were weak at the very best.

Mitch/Soda Drama : OfficialSodapoppin

No one in your chat truly respects you, it’s just people that white knight you to get their five mercacer of Twitch fame and egotistical subs that just want their message read by tens of thousands of people.

She honestly should just disappear from the twitch world. Not to be constantly triggered and offended. I one hundred percent understand you have the right to stand up for your girlfriend, sodapop;in because of the medium you chose to do it in, you’re gonna get bombarded and harassed even more.

There was a strawpoll running that I don’t think he opened, that had a total of about 1, votes. You had to double check with her and then the third time around she finally revealed that there was actually something.

Also, “no1 remembers when I did 3s back then,” bullshit. One day, as they roam the Red Light District in Amsterdam, they see a scantily clad tramp arguing with a man who has an unusually large 4Head, and his flaccid dick is out. Lea has ruined your life but you’re too caught up in pussy to realize it. I thought it would vrama the opposite effect tbh.

The “Charity” Thread And Sodapoppin

The only time it’s an issue is when it happens to lea because she is afraid of how it will affect her streaming career. I have watched your sdapoppin for three years now and I appreciate the entertainment you’ve given me over that time, but god man I really wish you kept your argument off twitch.

Putting it on stream was the worst thing possible. Lastly, you disrespected all of your viewers by some of your comments. Most of your viewers watch you for a social catharsis; to relax, have a laugh and be entertained.

I wouldn’t want Sodapoppin’s life for anything. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Unfortunately he won’t ever be as popular as he was back in the days: