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Odoru Daisousasen The Movie —??? Things go complicated when he realizes he likes Xiu Mei — a worker at one of his factories. Ultraman Tiga [] — Nagano Hiroshi , — midnightcrewsubs. Odoru Daisousasen The Movie 2 —??? I suppose they were trying to simulate real life in Hong Kong, where arguments over parking spaces can quickly turn into Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon situations Mendol-Ikemen Idol Poster-by wiki. F [ TV-Nihon ]. These are some shows I’ve watched

Other than that Densha Otoko is pretty much the only drama I’ve seen about the Otaku culture. But Miki is a cutie so at least you can watch the dorama for her. Anyway…you can watch it if you like. Urakara — Kara team. Odoru Daisousasen The Movie —??? Ultraman Tiga [] — Nagano Hiroshi , — midnightcrewsubs. Right now, I’m into tokusatsu.

Se-ho Yeo Hyun-soo, Holiday and Eun-young Yoo Seor-ahnow a couple, are still struggling against the memories of insults and put-downs regarding their poverty. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Mendol-Ikemen Idol Poster-by wiki.

You watch a good one and suddenly you can’t stop. Email required Address never made public.

Notify me of new comments via email. Directed by Im Dae-woong, the film revolves around seven friends from elementary school, who visit their teacher 16 years after their graduation. And the special episode: Wednesday, June 3, Monday, June 22, Kito Aya [July — May 23, ] had this disease. Sensei wa Doukyonin — raw. Haruka 17 — Haruspex D-Addicts. Sunako-chan lives in her dark twisted world.


Young Black Jack [SP] —??? The actors were really good. Also he gets into trouble at work because he doesn’t know how to wash dishes properly?! But the happy reunion turns into a nightmare as they are brutally murdered, one by one.

I really enjoyed the show — part because of the story, part cuz of the characters. Things go complicated when he realizes he likes Xiu Mei — a worker at one of his factories.

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Perhaps they are like my mom’s Thai dramas and too dramatic? Runway Beat —??? Different from its heartwarming title, the film deals with a deadly revenge of school graduates on their former teacher.

I’ve seen a couple of dramas but they’re not as brave as Last Friends. Miki — who appears of nowhere ikwmen settles in a coin locker office along with Tetsuyo — the man who works there.

HELP! Mendol Ikemen Idol! (Jdrama)? | Yahoo Answers

Maou is just a icol of a Korean drama The Devil but it’s so good at what it does that I won’t even spoil it for anyone. In the first episode [because one of the guys called her ugly] she will be able to confront her fears and involve into a social act. Komyo ga Tsuji —???

I tend to go for a variation of dramas but dramactazy not the fluffy kind. One of the students is a Black American guy, and in his first scene he’s being really inconsiderate on a bus and then he scares the new teacher. Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari [ A lot of dramas are adapted from mangas as well. Odoru Daisousasen — mt??? One of the best j-dramas ever made is 1 litre of tears.


HELP! Mendol Ikemen Idol! (Jdrama)?

The Ikeuchi Family-from the drama. Feel free to PM me.

Its so fun to watch! They actually end usually within 20 episodes.

But soon everything will change. I should probably watch more Asian dramas. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Monday, June 8, The soundtrack is very limited and sometimes the action has no purpose at all. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Idool your comment here She has to deal with different middle-aged guys who are looking for, you know, some fresh meat.

There are 11 episodes plus a special one, which tell us the sad story of Ikeuchi Aya. Thursday, June 25, Being a romantic production, of course that we have the cliche of breaking-up and feeling deeply sad about this. Together with two other people– Takeru and Eri the story of Last Friends is pretty unconventional. If anyone wants to count Filipinos as “Asian”, then yes.