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To remedy the situation he picks up a The story lines intersect in confusing and frustrating ways, cutting back and forth across time, with the overall plot never really seeming to make much sense – even though, once you’ve pieced it together, it’s actually frightfully simple. The world is bleak, society is grim, and the few friends we make never really understood us at all. A girl from Northern China, who comes to Hong Kong for teaching Putonghua, starts exploring the surrounding and history of her new city when she determines to find out the boy behind the Add a few stand-out scenes and you have a looker of a film. This allows Yung to conjure up moments both shocking and chilling, largely involving Chiu as she makes the ultimate – and most horrific – sacrifice to get a lead as to Yan’s whereabouts. Kabby Hui, Rainky Wai and Heidi Lee perform well, especially considering their lack of experience and the challenging roles they were given. Notwithstanding its chirpy, colour-splashed publicity campaign, May We Chat is not one of those films.

Look hard and long and you’ll find a few wayward youth films in Hong Kong’s sizeable filmography. My IMDB movie list. Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Yung even hints at the cyclical nature of lost youth and tragic violence by closely tying his film to Lovely Fifteen, a movie that examined in bleak detail the easy degeneracy of those who are barely older than children, but eager to believe themselves adults. Plaid-skirted schoolgirls are groomed by a secret government agency to become the newest members of the elite national-defense group, D. But when one of them is kidnapped, the

Wan, as Yan’s mother, and Mak, as a gangster turned kindly pimp, provide a tremulous link to an era gone by, even as each tries to deal with the new ways in which youths interact in this present. A man lives in a lovely apartment with his wife and daughter. After Jung-Woo meets Eun-Soo he faces enormous changes in his life.

It’s smart, good-looking, edgy and provocative, but reactions to the film have been overly tepid. If you’re looking for some good genre movies action, comedy and crime mostly then you have plenty to choose from, but outside of those flagship genres it can be quite a barren place.

May We Chat

The Stolen Years Don’t dare to look at Pak with evil eye: To remedy the situation he picks up a The film follows three girls who have befriended one another on WeChat, but have never met in person. Cheuk Man Au Kabby Hui And luckily, Yung shows a lot of promise and delivers a fine, yet surprisingly edgy drama. Dot 2 Dot In search of his long-lost But, smart and hip as it all is, May We Chat is also an oddly unemotional, almost clinical beast of a film.


Twenty-nine-year-old Ryotaro is underemployed, yaau no friends, hyperventilates and is awkward. The cast’s explosive zeal sidetracked by generous smatterings of melodrama and explicit references to past wayward-youth classics. While May We Chat is hardly a sequel to Lai’s film, it offers a little extra context that adds to theme of the film.

Shiu-wa Lou screenplayPhilip Yung screenplay. Yung doesn’t seem to judge his subjects, nor is the film haau one-sided warning against a derailing generation of youngster.

The digital age is very much present, but even so the challenges and issues they are dealing with haven’t changed all that much through the years. Regina, the once popular girl has to make new friends at her new, conservative school.

But for how long?? A college freshman gaqu new friends, romance, and adventure upon her arrival at campus. Suspected Bangladesh plane hijacker shot dead: Reviews Features Top Film log Archive facebook twitter. But when one gaau them is kidnapped, the other two try to find her, for which they have to with lowlife triads.

Thematically May We Chat offers a contemporary update of the problems youngster in Hong Kong are facing. Share this Rating Title: Was this review helpful to you? Her aching heart holds a secret which helps her get through life. Taking up the parts of the main characters are three novice actresses.

They crave attention, but for different reasons nobody is there to take care of them.

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It’s tough, too, to form much of an emotional connection to any of Yung’s lead characters. Here’s to hoping the film can inspire other directors in Hong Kong to venture more outside of their walled gardens, but looking at the reception of May We Sou I fear chances are slim. Film aksi terbaik – Film action terbaru Sub Indo.

It seems as though Yung took a few pointers from Taiwanese cinema in that regard, definitely not a bad source of inspiration when making a drama film. A sarcastic humanoid duck is pulled from his homeworld to Earth where he must stop a hellish alien invasion with the help of a nerdy scientist and a cute struggling female rock singer who fancies him.


This allows Yung to conjure up moments both shocking and chilling, largely involving Chiu as she makes the ultimate – and most horrific – sacrifice to get a lead as to Yan’s whereabouts.

May We Chat / Mei Gaau Siu Nui (2014)

One can only hope that the limited nudity in the film won’t stain the rest of their careers, seeing how prude Hong Kong can be. Videos Articles Photos Advanced Search. Edit Storyline Three girls spend a lot of time using WeChat on their mobiles for what normal urban teens do – shopping, meaningless sex, heartaches and whining.

Edit Details Official Sites: Whatever the case, Yung made a superb film and deserves all the credit for taking this much risk.

Full Cast and Crew. That is, perhaps, Yung’s point. Out Next Article Don’t dare to look at Pak with evil eye: Learn more More Like This. Sarri but not Sarri: There are films that paint the bumpy road we take through youth as a time of discovery and magic, despite – or perhaps, oddly, because of – all the hormones and existential angst that come with it.

And it’s not like they’re not trying or actually doing a terrible job with other genres, there just doesn’t appear to be any real jui for mvoie films that venture away from the beaten path. May We Chat follows the lives of three girls lost in mvie sea of people. That is, reactions from the few people that actually watched it. Instead, filtered through the ultra-hip prism of popular Chinese social fkll app WeChat, it explores the grim, bitter realities faced by kids struggling to survive in a seedy, hopeless modern-day Hong Kong.