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So many emotional things going on. They could have given more background to get a sense of who he was. He stood up for what is right. He should had taken their asses to court ages ago and blasted it on the prime time news. I loved Kurt Seyit and Sura but hated how they were kept from each other. I like your ending also. He was there for her from the beginning.

He loved her from the first time he saw her, did he do some things that was underhanded yes, but I was rooting for him all the way. Maria January 22, at 5: I am so upset…. Mine has a conservative family who does not approve of pregnancy before marriage. He truly loves her and her son. Just horrible show only believe in hate and wrong doing. It is titled as Express News and it has been providing people with all the latest national and international news with full responsibility since its establishment. I could not stand.

Consciencia August 21, at 5: I agree it was disappointing. He tried to play God. The actress portraying Emine has an especially thankless job since her character is so unlikeable and mean-spirited.

In this story, you will explore a romance, family relations, hope, anger, conflict and betrayal at the same time. Is the 79 episode the last one of The girl I loved very disappointed at ending really enjoy the show. This care in addition to affection among household seems striking for Adil and can make your ex idealize Saba since his future wife. Synopsis Mine Gulcan Arslan is a young and beautiful girl who has a modest life.

He really didnt need to. I cannot believe they did this to us!


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For the sake of the child I would at least try the marriage and if it dose work than at least I know I tried, but Timur is a fool, no way I would be waiting so long. I saw some episodes on Netflix, when I travelled to America.

I loved a boy far away, Tomorrow in one hand, yesterday on the other. Winter Sun is good also. Erdal and Funda made a cute couple. Surely after meenayy these hours I spent watching the girl I loved it ends this way????

So he have mini and Hansen all to himself. I cannot figure out why these Turkish Writers leave you with all these unanswered — cliffhanging — endings to the stories. Maybe a union between Sihan and Mime would not be a good thing, but as time goes on she will see that she is completely manipulatived by Tirun. I think it was hard for mine to go back to sinan after all this time.

So sad to leave viewers hanging with unanswered questions. For this reason, when he learns that his little daughter is pregnant before marriage, his life turns upside down. Angie August 30, at 5: These include some special Tele Films like Eid special and independence special and some others. Vmt March 15, at 9: Daily Express Urdu Newspaper 26 december Mines sister Emine played her part so well. Need to have a second season to finish this.

Meenay (Episode 55) – video dailymotion

This is so disappointing, I am outraged at the ending I will not watch another Turkish series again! I must tell you that you are messing with our minds.

Sjabvon Sass Venter April 30, at 5: Stop from coming back sooner. Your not the only one — this is the second Turkish series I have watched where Series 1 goes for about 80 episodes, which you binge watch, only to find it stops with no conclusion — am so angry for wasting my time. She was an outcast till Timur came along and married her; but he too was in love with her, so Sinan never knew of this because his scheming father made him leave for America.


Thanks Diane for letting me know and I agree, the story needs to be finished. Sinan was the moral and msenay figure in the show; epissode, he suffered more than the others. Judy McClellan May 22, at 6: There will not be a S2. I can understand if you are going to have a second series but none of them have had second series.

Erdal is funny and they are good together with Funda. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Meeny was rich and the means to get what he wanted.

Meenay (Episode 55)

I like your ending. Where did Timur go before the wedding. Daily Jang urdu newspaper 26 December There are moments of such exquisite acting, I cannot stop, and also, despite some of what sounds like the same repetitive violin music is this the exact same music used in other Turkish soaps—sure sounds like it! Brown March 19, at 1: