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He is one evil man. What I noticed is, there is not a whole lot of affections going on with characters. As much as she love him in younger years. When Mine becomes pregnant from Sinan, their tender love story turns into a tragic love story. That makes him evil. How does merve see her mom at the wedding when all along were led to believe Timor was a widow What happens to Eminemwho is definitely out of her mind Does turan and his wife reunite Does sinan recover and unite with the neighbor and her child What about erdal and fundas baby And what about the physco Derin who shot Sinan This was a wonderful family saga story but totally left me disappointed!!! He was use to getting his way and doing whatever it took to get his way.

I think Derin shot Sinan, but Timor may be blamed for it as he did not tell anybody where he went. That femur was always in mine face. Kanal D Star TV Not once did he payed for his crimes which I am sure is not the first time he has gotten away with it! Ann July 17, at 4: Your not the only one — this is the second Turkish series I have watched where Series 1 goes for about 80 episodes, which you binge watch, only to find it stops with no conclusion — am so angry for wasting my time. She does not have a hairy arm. I agree with you with not having final series.

Sharon February 28, at 2: It is titled as Express News and it has been providing people with all the latest national and international news with full responsibility since its establishment. Not sure I want to watch anymore Turkish shows. I loved this movie but very disappointed in the ending — have also noticed that these Turkish movies have only 1 season and never end the story, good or bad it must ,era.


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Denise November 27, at 2: He was controlling and evil with all his ways in pya to keep Sinan away from Mine. These Dramas should have happy endings…. Timur, on the other hand was manipulative. Sinan on the other hand is young and spoiled rich kid, loving, caring but temperamental, and lack understand.

No quiero hacer esto en publico. Filming on location characters plots and acting are all terrific. Mera pyaar Meenay Episode 69 29 January Online If you are Search any best for watch your best Mera pyaar Meenay Episode 69 29 January Online then you come on right website here you can watch your best serial in HD episodde through us www.

Season 1 ended like there should be a season 2. I like him and I do not think he shot Sinan. If he really was eoisode good guy he would know how her heart truly belonged to Sinan. This would make me very, very happy.

Angie August 30, at 5: Just wish Netflix would accompany programs discontinued mid story with a warning!

Toward end I starting dis liking her. Tag Line of Express Entertainment: He took advantage of her.

Keeping in view the fact that express entertainment is a young channel, it is appreciable that it has the privilege of having some famous and respected actors of our country on screen. I loved a boy far away, I supposed this was pyae yearning too. There are moments of such exquisite acting, I cannot stop, and also, despite some of what sounds like the same repetitive violin music is this the exact same music used in other Turkish soaps—sure sounds like it!

I saw a boy far away, I little boyish, a episodee manlike, a little nobody. It did not seem like a good ending at all, too many questions left unanswered! He is cunning but uses his wealth to obtain what he can buy. Have watched it twice.

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Mine should have made sure to have Hasan call Timur Uncle and shown pictures of his real dad. He tries to teach them on moral pyag, justice, honesty, and trustworthiness. And they live happily with their daughter. His having been there for Mine was not from the goodness and generosity of his heart but his obsession of this young girl right from the 1st time he laid eyes on her.


Sinan got robbed of his love, his son, meenxy parents ,his inheritance from a controlling,wealthy manipulative selfish man who lusted after a 17 year old girl. I feel great sadness for her sister Emine.

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Jean Zanow April 29, at There is a ton of suffering on his side. It translates in English as Every Face is mine. Daria Greer March 17, at 1: He was horrible and use his power to get what he wanted. Marilyn craft May 3, at I love that there are no explicit sexual scenes, barely kissing….

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When someone falls or made a mistake in a family — support, help, understanding and love should be given and not to worry about shame or care what other people say. Both of their families disagree of their relationship. Is this a traditional thing, not to kiss or heavy petting when the characters need to be emotionally romantic. If you are Search any best for watch your best Mera pyaar Meenay Episode 66 24 January Online then you come on right website eplsode you c Will never watch another one of these.