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Mine and Timur are cruel. Ellen October 8, at 1: Sinan and Mine belong to gether they are young and should have got married and had a girl. Norah Burns May 28, at 4: I will not watch anymore of these. Unbelievable that Seyit committed suicide.. Mines sister Emine played her part so well.

I was very disappointed in this ending. Jaine August 4, at Sinan tried to make everything right and do the right thing. Why the producers made it with incomplete ending. I loved a boy far away, Tomorrow in one hand, yesterday on the other. Erdal and Funda made a cute couple.

Erdal and Funda made a cute couple. I did not like the controlling character that Ayten so clearly called out as controlling. Mine has a conservative family who does not approve of pregnancy before marriage. Next Turkish series I watch if I bother Pyaf will goggle first to see if further series are available and also check any blogs to see what others fll to say ….

There are so many unrelsoved issues. Sinan is laying there dying and no one calls Both men are demanding but we can count on Timur to always do the right pyae unselfish thing in the end, at great cost to himself.

Where is season 2 netflix. The hand holding the gun did not look like his hand.


None of them did anything to help Sihanouk have epiwode relationship with his son. Will watch more of Bulent Inal, am such a fan!! Was there a wedding Timur never finished his vows.

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Jaine August 4, at There are moments of such meeay acting, I cannot stop, and also, despite some of what sounds like the same repetitive violin music is this the exact same music used in other Turkish soaps—sure sounds like it!

Timur and Mini get married and live happily ever after.

Brown March 19, at 1: I think Timur is bad and he shot Sinan to have Mine to himself without any more dramas. Mine and Timur are cruel. I did not find him selfish at all. Bir Cocuk Sevdim English Title: All the Turkish movies I have watched have the girl going back and forth between two lovers. If so can you recommend me some good ones? In order to save the life of Mine, Timur accepts to get married to her and take the responsibility for the baby.

I just got to the part where he has Mine meet his old girl friend then lies saying he was gone all night…he is devious and selfish.

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Timur who was very evil and covered all his evil plots trying to keep Sinan away from Mine should be put in jail. But this is another one with very bad end Sentid and Sura is too but at least is a real story. Do they not believe in love and honesty in Turkey is this a portrait of Turkish culture with older men doing anything to be with younger girls.


She does not have a hairy arm.

Mine, at times, I wanted to strangle for her inability to appreciate Timur. Lorraine July 23, at 4: There was something fishy about her recovery and she was not at the wedding. I saw some episodes on Netflix, when I travelled to America.


Does anyone know the lyrics to the theme song? I did not know that they censured Tv show and Movies that are politically incorrect according to them. Please please let ne know if there is a Season 2!! She probably went to greener pastures.