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In the past, Koga lived a normal life until meeting Naze for the first time in middle school, since Naze was the most bullied student in the school. Maguro tells Naze to remove her bandages from her face, and after Naze surrenders her two flash drives containing data on the Flask Plan to retrieve Koga, Maguro recognizes Naze as Kujira Kurokami, his long-lost younger sister. After Medaka demands Maguro to train her and tell her about the Flask Plan, he shows them his surgical scars of being a failed experiment in the Flask Plan, but he does not give any information regarding this project. Haruko Nobori Natsuko Ueno assistant. Good Loser Kumagawa December 25, Yuubaru considers Kikaijima at first, but he changes his mind. Harigane Onigase , a member of the disciplinary committee, enters the student council office and exploits the student council members for their violations of the dress code.

After Medaka demands Maguro to train her and tell her about the Flask Plan, he shows them his surgical scars of being a failed experiment in the Flask Plan, but he does not give any information regarding this project. Zenkichi deflects all the weapons Munakata throws at him, including swords, guns and even grenades. This will be an underwater contest made up of four events, in which only three team members per club will be allowed to participate, and all male members will be handicapped with inflatable armbands. Kikaijima interprets this the wrong way and tries to kiss Zenkichi, but Medaka and Akune walk in on them. While on the way to the music room with towels to deliver, Onigase passes by the two of them. After Yuubaru fails to capture the true beauty of Medaka on canvas , Zenkichi and Akune respectively convince Isahaya and Nabeshima to be models, but Yuubaru turns them both down.


Keep in abnorma, that these rankings are based on how people rated indi When Maguro finally embraces Naze, she incapacitates him using a syringe. Using a barrage of bouncy balls as a distraction, he uses one which emits threads of invisible strings to immobilize her, yet she still breaks through the strings and traps him in the rubble.

Zenkichi is distraught episoce learning that Akune is now the secretary of the student council. Kumagawa confronts Ezumachi, who eventually splashes blue paint on Kumagawa to restrict him. Takahiro Misaki Tetsuya Sasaki Planning: J Musashino Production R. Hiroki Nozaki Chura Sound.

Mitsuhiro Narasaki eps 2, 8 Art Setting: To commemorate his success, Yuubaru gives the student council a drawing of xbnormal seven of them in return. Have you seen this? Shelley Calene-Black as Medaka Kurokami.

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Ai Kayano as Mogana Kikaijima. In the present, the fight continues on episoee fourth floor resembling Naze’s workshop. Luci Christian as Chijiwa.

NisiOisin ep 12 Shouji Saeki eps Retrieved from ” https: Megumi Ogata as Misogi Kumagawa. Takachiho, satisfied with finding someone worthy of fighting him for the first time in his life, is ultimately defeated with a kick to the head by Medaka. Brittney Karbowski as Koyu Najimi Aijimu.

Zenkichi embraces Medaka, telling her that she must include herself in her purpose to make everyone happy, which then reverts her back to normal. Akune and Maguro meet up with Zenkichi and Kikaijima to inform them of the situation. Ikuo Kuwana OP Music: Hisao Muramatsu eps Music producer: During her first two years of life, her ability to surpass the intelligence of adults at such a young age blx her realize that life and death have no meaning.


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Kikaijima is then appointed as the treasurer of the student council. She institutes a suggestion box, and with the help with her childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, abnormql these requests in her unconventional manner.

Studio Wanpack eps 3, 9 Wish eps 2, 8. When Oudo proposes to Medaka, Zenkichi tries to attack, but Yukuhashi intervenes. Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, episove She informs Kumagawa of this and deduces that Fude Ezumachi, who has the ability to manipulate color with his art, is responsible for this.

Saki Sukinasaki runs late for school and is reluctant to find out that her hair was bleached somehow. On the eepisode floor resembling a computer room, Medaka declines Oudo’s offer yet again to be a part of the Flask Plan. As both of their bodies are pushed to their limits, they have a final fistfight to the finish.

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Haruko Nobori Natsuko Ueno assistant. Naoki Takeda Sound Effects: After she subdues the three, Maguro notices from a distance that Medaka is shedding tears despite her being heartless.

Takashi Kondo as Fude Ezumachi ep Zenkichi and Akune race each other and end up in third, Ariake and Isahaya place in second, while Umumichi Yakushima and Sotsu Tanegashima eeng finish in first.