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I would rather she displayed jealousy, resentment, etc, all normal things that someone might feel when the foundation of their life is changing, but in a more normal way, one that people could identify with and put themselves in her shoes. Notify me of new posts via email. I really enjoy your concise and to-the-point reviews, in which you offer your honest, unbiased and qualitative thoughts abt the dramas. That would be hilarious. You’ve got a point To be honest, this is one of the few couples that I’ve actually gotten giddy over in a long time.

Before he can respond, the journalist from the party approaches Jae Hee and asks for a quick interview. I like their interactions but not the script. Thanks again and Happy New Year. JH has to man up and start treating her like the gem Bong Sun is. Bong Sun takes a step backwards, which prompts Jae Hee to take a step forward. Park readily agrees and when Bong Sun confirms that everything is over, he insists that they celebrate. Episode 4 by Regals. This drama is underrated in general because it really is better than most popular dramas that have been airing this winter.

I second this, totally true “He pulls out the big guns and displays various forms of dranacrazy, which does nothing except melt Yoon Shi-yoon fangirls around the world” – I have lots of screencaps and gifs at what his aegyo did They have no right to rule her life.

Review – Me Too, Flower | The Dramatards

How can she break up with him so casually? Hwa Young meets Dal and presents her with a deal. A bit more vindictive than I would expect, but we need at least one evil mastermind in every Kdrama: I really shocked when i see their hate toward her! HY is on the one hand beautiful and successful–it’s hard to see why she wouldn’t be pursued by men, unless being a widowed mother is such a huge factor. But other than the fact that BS makes him crazy and made him dinner, which he said nobody has ever done for him, WHY is BS so special to fliwer


Me Too, Flower poster credits to: I agree with you all the way – the cliched characters are NOT needed here. While i love Me Too Flower and while Hwayoung isn’t a cardboard, 2d cackling witch, I was still hoping for a little bit more nuance from the Hwa Young character. He shoots her a glare and she immediately relents. Jomo, how could you call Jae Hee a jerk? Dal’s character is simply unbearable and distractive and useless in her own way ; and it doesn’t help that the actress always played the same kind of roles in all her previous dramas.

Lee Ji Ah I was also really impressed with. Jae Hee wonders why Hwa Young exposed his identity and Dr. Baek Seung Hee Supporting Cast. I completely agree with all of your points. Yes, she is the second lead that BS has to get around.

And by the other hand for independent character like her who gain every little things in her life by hardwoking till childhood and protect herself in hardship barehanded and just by her own self it’s not easy to accept jae hee from uper class of society. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nothing is his fault! Just to be synchronized.


But one day, her younger cousin came over and took the dress away. Anyway Hwa Young and Jae Hee have such a twisted, screwed-up, and co-dependent relationship, its kinda fascinating. Holding your hand and lending you my shoulder til the end.

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Before Hwa Young leaves, Dal asks what her weapon is. Do it, kill me, or don’t because I would rather stay with you.

It’s a very serious offence to abuse the power she has been bestowed – I mean the gun incident. Mystisith December 28, at 9: And yet – can you imagine anyone else in this role?

I feel a twinge of pity for her. Hello and thank you! I, like you, have nothing to say about her ‘parents’. This causes Jae Hee to grab her arm and command her to take back what she just said.