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Mayo Chiki is a light novel written by Hajime Asano from with a manga adaption from I should have known it was him from the obvious clue. Mayo Chiki Episode 9 Published on September 2, Kureha celebrates her sixteenth birthday with Nakuru and Masamune at Masamune’s house, which is soon noted to be haunted, much to Kureha’s worry. This whole thing feels unnecessarily complicated and stupid. Poor Konoe had her own troublesome day despite not being on screen for most of the episode. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Kinjiro the nice guy who always helps out people in need, Subaru the girl with troubles and just looking for a friend, Kureha the adorable sister, and Masamune the second love interest whose tsundere.

Episodes Nothing much to say about episode 5. After they realize that Nakuru may be in love, their cover is blown, but Nakuru still hesitates to tell them. As the preparations for the school festival are underway the next day, Nakuru is shown spying on Subaru. After many repetitions of Be Starters! The next day, Subaru reprises her duties as a butler for Kanade, in which Kanade makes up a cover story about Punyuru transferring to another school again. Subaru, who soon overhears all of this, punches him in the stomach and leaves off in tears. Back at the cafe, Usami insists Kinjiro of working here since she wanted to and there was little staff.

As the preparations for the school festival are underway the next day, Nakuru is shown spying on Subaru. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Ep episore Episode 13 As myo anime, the show goes well as a comedic piece, but falls flat in character development of the main characters in particular, the only exception being Usami. Kanade shows up and donates some photos of Subaru in her butler suit for Nakuru to sell.

Behind Nakura of course. During lunchtime Subaru admits that she enjoys being a butler more than being a normal girl.

If you prefer to follow me on WordPress to keep up with my posts, I post to this WordPress blog for every post here, so follow me there. Additionally, the manga also illustrates usami attempting suicide, so chapter 12 was really different from the way the anime was executed.


If at first you don’t succeed, try again. I just don’t get how him deliberately groping her in front of everyone just ended with no one getting angry at him there’s chkii way you can trip this conveniently.

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Subaru takes care of him using several questionable cures scene here: I wouldn’t mind seeing some Maria X Nakuru action He is asked to help Usami when he was on his break and suprised to find Kanade at the cafe. Leave a comment Categories: The next day we have a paintball tournament where the winner gets a kiss from Subaru since she won the beauty pageant.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 7. The next morning, Kanade picks the two up and takes them to their homes. The next day Masamune vows to help cure Kinjiro and go on a first name basis with each other well it looks like the anime is turning into a harem anime. These hiccups are her constant weakness because it makes her so cute, in which they have caused major chaos in the mansion in the past.

He later wakes up in the infirmary chained to the bed with one hand free next to Kanade, who teases him a bit. As she continues teasing him using her body he gets a nosebleed and discovers that he has a slight fear of women. When Kinjiro goes to school he gets told that Subaru has transferred out from Kanade lies however Punyuru transfers in you such a troll Kanade.

Mayo Chiki Ep 9 & 10: Bahhhhhhhh…

The following day, a paintball tournament takes place, in which the winner gets a kiss from Subaru as Punyuru, who won a previous beauty pageant. Nagare comes in as well and shenanigans ensue scene here: No, I think you be better off checking out the manga or light novel as they go more in-depth with the characters and the story but if you wanted to check this anime out for a good laugh and a few interesting characters I say go ahead and watch it.


Fill in your details episide or click an icon to log in: After this talk Kanade calls and tells Kinjiro to use the butler voucher he received earlier in the ringtobe as a reward for not getting a nosebleed on their date. Where you insert Spoiler Content Eg: After she puts her glasses back on she feels better and starts to see Kinjiro in a new light where she begins to develop feelings for him and the harem continues to grow. Episodes Nothing much to say about episode 5.

I am pretty dissapointed that Subaru did not dare to confess to Kinjiro.

After Kinjiro and Subaru ringotne a kid from drowning they return to find out that Kanade and Kureha have been kidnapped by a guy wearing a wolf mask who claims to be one of the kidnappers from back then and now wants revenge. Jirou comes back to the restaurant to find Usami, who thanks him for helping out and rushes off, dropping her cell phone.

Nothing much to say about episode 7.

Mayo Chiki Episode 9

Notify me with replies. What was Usami’s ringtone? Jirou tries to get away from Kanade and the others and ends up episoce and grabbing Usami’s breast random.

At the hospital, Subaru blames herself for not being able to prevent Kanade from falling. Notify me of new comments via email. Star Twinkle Precure Episode 3.

When she returns home, episodde is surprised that he remembered her sixteenth birthday, giving her a white teddy bear as a present to make up for last year’s mistake.

Jirou runs after Konoe to ask about what happened at the summer festival, but Konoe just plays it off, saying that she just meant that she wanted them to be best friends pfft Meganium7 Meganium7 7 years ago 17 Was that an OreImo ref in the preview?