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The burning tires were retracted inside the wheel well, where they started the fire. This led to a major design change in the cargo hatches. The Killing Machine Alternate Title: It crashed into a forest several miles from Paris, killing all people on board. The Boeing ‘s fuel ran out, both engines shut down, and it crashed on Grammatiko mountain, killing all people on board. The cause of the accident was metal fatigue and corrosion. Continental Express Flight Cause of accident: This caused them to not get the oxygen masks in time and succumb from hypoxia.

On February 16 , Emery Worldwide 17 crashes after takeoff in Sacramento, killing all 3 occupants on board. Unable to keep the aircraft in the air long enough for an emergency landing, the crew performed a crash landing in a grassy plain. The excessive G-forces broke part of the horizontal stabilizer and the main landing gear’s doors. The crew was offered a straight approach to Cali Airport, and they accepted, but they had to adjust the autopilot’s route. Both aircrafts’ crew were not aware of each other’s position before the crash. The crew managed to perform an emergency landing at Kahului despite the crippled aircraft, which could have broken apart at any time.

On November 27an Airbus A aircraft, which was being transfered to Air New Zealand, was being tested off the airport of Perpignan by professional pilots, to make sure that all alarms and emergency measures work properly. The first officer was dealing with an uncommon practice that he wasn’t experience to perform, and he was psycologically broken by the captain, who had anger management issues.

Kid in the Cockpit

It turned out that the ADI was badly wired, giving false readings and confusing the crew about their actual attitude. They turned off the aircraft’s trasponder and directed it back to Washington, using the autopilot. After being released, Space Ship Two breaks up in flight and aoarm in the Mojave desert, killing one of the two crew members.


Shattered in Seconds UK Subject: Communication Breakdown UK Subject: In-flight mechanical failure Synopsis: The crew was not proficient in flying non-ILS approaches.

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With e;isode of its eight occupants dead inside, the aircraft ran out of fuel and fell from the sky. Singapore Airlines Flight Cause of accident: Avianca Flight 52 Cause of accident: Air disasters caused by ATC error. As it landed in Stord, satffel spoilers did not deploy properly, causing inefficient braking. Qantas Flight 32 Cause of accident: After an emergency maneuver, it managed to get out of the storm and make an emergency landing.

Engine failure caused by ice Synopsis: The fire burned through the cockpit’s deck, filling it with smoke and making it impossible for the crew to see the instruments. The crew was experiencing fatigue from long and restless flight hours, which caused them to oversee the engine conditions and behavior of the aircraft. Vanishing Act Alternate Title: Fiery Landing US Subject: Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Collision Course Alternate Title: On January 8,a commuter plane flying for Air Midwest climbed very steeply, stalled and crashed into a hangar at Charlotte Airport in North Carolina.

maysay Deadly Airspace Alternate Title: Vital systems failed, and the crew couldn’t make an approach to Halifax Airport. Concorde – Up in Flames Alternate Title: Hollywood doesn’t have writers good enough to come up with a scenario like the Aeroflot disaster, nor could they convince the audience such horror could visit innocent people–but this is a true story, one far stranger than fiction.

Heathrow Enigma Alternate Title: The evacuation procedures were delayed, and the aisle was too narrow to allow all passengers to escape. The crew did not read out loud the steps on their checklist, instead reciting them from memory.


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Bomb on Board Alternate Title: On August 6,Korean Air Flight attempted a landing in Guam during heavy fog, but crashed into a hill, killing people. On January 3,Flash Airlines Flight rolled steeply to the right and plunged into the Red Sea, killing all people on board. Cutting Corners Alternate Title: Tragedy on the Potomac US Subject: Birgenair Flight Cause of accident: The crew attempted to take off twice, aborting it both times as they could not reach takeoff speed. The series has been received well by critics.

On May 25,China Airlines Aladm was flying from Taipei to Hong Kong when it broke up in flight, disintegrating and falling in the sea between Taiwan and China, killing all people on board.

Flight was put on hold, staffep cleared for takeoff, but as it accelerated it lost control, hit antennas on the threshold and disintegrated on the ground, killing 14 people. Hanging by a Thread Alternate Title: While sinking, a handful of people managed to get out the aircraft, and one of them was rescued by a witness of the crash, dying in the process.

On January 19Trans-Colorado Airlines Flight crashed short of the runway, killing 9 people out of the 17 on board. There were no fatalities in this incident. Indonesian investigators could not epislde the cause of the crash because of insufficient clues. The captain rolled the aircraft to the left, but after he saw that his ADI was not moving, he banked harder.