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She asks what he means? Please let this be a good drama. She asks if he lived being lied to? I kind of cut short the story. He smiles and calls her a brat for giving her a sweet talk after so long. When he slapped her just now, he seemed motivated. She tells DH to fire her, or she will resign! I think May Queen IS a boat.

Episodes by LollyPip. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: He leaves, and IM is pissed. KS is shocked to hear this. I’ve been surfing on-line greater than three hours today, yet I by no means found any fascinating article like yours. Arrogant” god, that was baaaad. So basically, the child cast is solid; the adults had better be ready to bring their A game, lest they be overshadowed by their younger counterparts. Her real mother was actually a madam who had remarried with Jang Do Hyeon,.

Regarding HJ, CH tells them she resigned for personal issues. Cik Lica Shah 19 March at I hope the story of this drama is good. He tells quern that KS is giving up on him, his only grandfather. HJ can sneak out the technology for their company. I guess we’ll never know if it was a good or bad thing in the end KS is standing on the dock, and she comes there, she read it all. Mei June 22, at All his hard work for killing all the people vanish just like that. HJ was on her way home. He starts walking upstairs, and IH pretends to not be listening, and he walks past her.

She wants HJ to live a better life, the kind of life Chun hoped she would have. HJ gets emotional reading them and thinking back on how he slapped her. He is totally shocked, in a good way. He thinks she s joking and asks if she is sick, but she is being serious about it, she asks if a picnic sounds good? HAHA i love them!


He talked well, and from here on, she says she is no longer working my.

Episode 23

GF asks her if KS told her anything? BH is outraged, how dare Epixode, and stomps out of there. KS asks if his dad was part of the 7th exploration lot? Your email address will not be published. GH asks how BH can say that about her own nephew.

Jang Do Hyeon had acknowledge her talent in welding and had become.

Still don’t understand the premise of “May Queen,” but I adore the child actors. He prays that she brightens the world with her smile.

He is just happy to see her, since his life is usually depressing. Yoon Jong Hwa Supporting Cast.

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I don’t approach sageuks, I tried MoonSun but couldn’t watch any longer than about 20 minutes. She says the same about his quen though he used a machine. GF says how can he live on without KS? They reach the top, and she is amazed at edrama beauty of nature, CH smiles and says its good here right? Always find his smile a tad creepy. BH walks in with KS. BH realizes JW is really suspended since he is packing his stuff.


KS and HJ are sitting on a bench by he sea. JW is packing his stuff at the office, and tells his colleague to continue the search of the person that sent HJ the picture, during the month he is away.

He wonders if she is asking her on a date? CH tells him that he fired HJ. GF tells her that ST should be well off in a few days.


Park Chang Hee had became other person in order to get. GF and her go to have lunch, and he is drinking lets of rice wine, and she tells him to slow down on the alcohol. Kids don’t work on me, so I sometimes start watching from 2nd or 3rd episode and figure out what the kid did in the past from the context. KS is shocked to hear this.

IH gets up, but almost falls, so he walks next to episide, holding her. JW and IM are at a cafe. DH says he will take care of that.

She tells him to never lose that cheerfulness. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

They are super cheesy.