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Defines the content type of sources for the XJC. If the configuration property is explicitly given within the plugin’s configuration, use that value. If you would like to run XJC manually in the same way as the jaxb2-maven-plugin runs the tool, simply paste the arguments given in the debug listing into a shell separate with spaces. I’d ask Martin Grebac on his opinion. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. This is true also if you implement custom Filters. A better option is to align the version of the compiled code with the requirement on the JAXB runtime environment of the generated code. The plugin will process all XSD files found within the schema directory , and create Java source code in the given package com.

Directory where XSD files can be found. After that the executios of A. A better option is to align the version of the compiled code with the requirement on the JAXB runtime environment of the generated code. If the Maven property project. For full options, please visit maven-jaxb2-plugin page. Quoting the XJC documentation: Its configuration semantics and parameter set is not necessarily backwards compatible with the 1. If a file matches at least one of the supplied Filters, it is not considered an XJB file, and therefore excluded from processing.

For a full explanation of filters, please refer to the Filters documentation. Debugging jaxb2-maven-plugin executions If you are curious about the examplw java regexp patterns used for matching your files, or simply want to see what the jaxb2-maven-plugin does internally, run the plugin in debug mode by adding the -X switch. A better option is to align the version of the compiled code with the requirement on jaxb JAXB runtime environment of the generated code. Indicate if the XjcMojo execution should be skipped.


The target directory is created within the artifact if it does not already exist. Directory where actual generated code will be placed.

Microservices for Java Developers: We just need to mavfn the goal add-source and provide the generated code directory under sources to add as source in our project. Supply the configuration using the standard Maven structure for configuring plugin Lists: These examples are valid for the 2. For example, In our case, we want our generated code to include toString, equals and hashcode methods.

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Suppress compiler output, such as progress information and warnings. Each extra argument epizode interpreted as a word, intended to be copied verbatim to the XJC argument list with spaces in between: The working directory where the generated Java source files are created.

You can simply define amven executions of the same plugin like this: Not sure if there is any general task among quality testers to check for significant pieces of functionality relating to domain technologies like this that would make sense for Maven projects but are simply missing.

You should have following structure: Learn more about Kotlin.

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Using this switch causes the generated code to internalize those annotations into the other generated classes. Comment 4 Jesse Glick Note that the sourceType configuration parameter is case sensitive for matching the enum values. Below is an example of an XML schema that imports Product. If the xsdPathWithinArtifact parameter is not given, the XSDs used to generate Java code are not included within the project’s artifact.


In the default strict mode, you are also limited to using only the binding customizations defined in the specification. Following is the final project directory structure for this example: It is hard to keep track of all the similarly-named alternatives, unfortunately!

In this example, files found under any of the source directories will be excluded from XJC processing if their pluign paths end with ‘. By default, the XJC binding compiler performs strict validation of the source schema sxample processing it.

For example, to generate plugi XJC using french locale despite running Maven with another Locale, configure the jaxb2-maven-plugin as follows:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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The remaining Files are submitted for processing by the XJC tool. Attachments Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. I can let multiple executions run without any problem, but then I get duplicate classes in different namespaces.

Jaxh2 could write this file by hand, but -episode flag to XJC does it for you.