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Most delight in his modern and slightly cheeky takes on classics. Her website is here. Owen admitted dancing in full Highland dress is a very sweaty affair, and tricky, with most problems stemming from a bouncing sporran. But no, Bourne chose a gritty and perhaps more realistic setting. Also very cute are the white sylph wings, made of foam. Filed under Photography , Scottish Ballet , Videos. He attempts to kill her but Madge strikes him down with a cursed blow and kills him. She makes herself visible to him, and he falls in love with her and leaves his bride-to-be, relatives and wedding guests to escape with the Sylphide.

This site uses cookies. The Sylphs lift her into the air and carry her away. Madge rejoices in her victory and the ballet comes to an end. Never before have I been to a ballet where the audience actually clapped in time to the music during the bows but, in keeping with the overture, another Scottish secular favourite was played as exit music. When she first appears to Christopher Harrison’s James, as she wafts over the gents’ urinals in the Highland Fling social club, she could be a hallucination brought on by the stag-night drugs he’s been taking. And there are many aspects of Highland Fling, both in situations and characters that the audience will recognize and relate to.

Review: Matthew Bourne’s Highland Fling

Bloodstained and wingless, the Sylph hobbles around the stage, trying to emulate mqtthew beautiful balletic movements of the other spirits before finally collapsing, lifeless, highlnad a heap. It’s at its weakest when Bourne’s drive for clear storytelling results in bluntly signalled silent-movie gestures, and at its strongest in the ensemble pieces of the second half.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It owes a debt to the romantic vision of Sir Walter Scott, takes character names from The Heart of Midlothian and epitomises the 19th-century yearning for back-to-nature mysticism.

Matthew Bourne offers a cleverly structured blockbuster that looks and sounds ravishing.


Review: Matthew Bourne’s Highland Fling | The Fountain

The sylph costumes in particular have a designer look to matthes. Pale grey graffiti style kilts and sheath dresses with raggedly ripped edging. Joana Serrat and Robin Adams. More Dance News Here. To add a comment, please Login or register. Here reside Les Sylphides — the more traditional element of the piece — ethereal beings who create a sense of magic.

James, a simple mortal, realizes that it is impossible to keep her at his side. She is studying a music degree at the University of Aberdeen and has eight years ballet, tap and modern dance experience.

Matthew Bourne’s Highland Fling

Bourne is known for slightly off-the-wall and edgy ballets. On the opening night, principal dancers Christopher Harrison James and Sophie Martin The Sylph led a fine company with, by turns, ironic wit, elegance and startling energy.

This is as true of the second half set in a forest glade beyond the city, complete with a rusting, derelict car as of the first. There’s no shortage of tartan in Matthew Bourne’s Highland Fling either, but the Scotland we find here in this modern-day reworking of La Sylphide is one of high-rise flats, pill-popping nightclubs and the Krankies.

Click synoppsis for conditions of use. They are an eclectic bunch, and easily identifiable.

This Scottish Ballet production of Highland Flingoriginally produced inis the first time that a full-length Bourne work has been seen outside his own company. Like Telegraph Arts on Facebook.

The original work sees the nuptials of young Scottish matthhew James and Effie rudely interrupted when a sylph a winged siren descends upon the glens and falls in love with James.

Her website is here. His tartan theme is picked out in costumes and set enhancing the Scottish theme. So you might think he would set it among the heather, hills and forests of the north. Bourne’s Cinderella Synosis Kechacha, 20th December.

James is a very human character, and therefore flawed. Set in s Glasgow, enter the world of night clubs, hedonistic drinking and hazy drug-fuelled evenings, and the eve of Effie and James wedding. Like her fellow sylphs, she is grubby and a little sinister; more like a resident of a landfill site than an ethereal Highland spirit. Highland Fling is touching, upbeat and a little edgier than your average ballet.


From there, the tartan assault really takes hold.

James’ hope of the Sylphide being his forever is shattered as she falls to the ground dead. He saw a perfect world for recreating mythical sylph and fairylike creatures. Sometimes despite the best efforts to display the nuances of a character, unexpected things get in the way, like make-up.

More by Kirsty Morgan. They have to dance while wearing a heavy kilt and full Highland dress.

Highland Fling | New Adventures

A fun nightclub scene, almost musical theatre in style, follows. She could still be an illusion the next day when, bleary-eyed and hungover, he sees her again and begins his fateful obsession. The dancers have the job of making him likeable, despite his failings.

When she first appears to Christopher Harrison’s James, as she wafts over the gents’ urinals in the Highland Fling social club, she could be a hallucination brought on by the stag-night drugs he’s been taking. This is La Sylphide for the Trainspotting generation. In Highland Flingthe immortal realm is a forest glade, just outside the council estate, littered with dustbins, a discarded armchair, an abandoned swing-park and a disused car. There will always be a place for traditional ballets like Swan Lake, but nowadays dancers have more skills to draw on.

A Sylphide a mythical winged sprite as difficult to hold as a dream falls in love with James on his wedding day. How to add your events to Bachtrack. She enjoys 19th-century music, in particular, Franz Schubert.