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MasterChef – The verdict 3: Billie McKay’s Mystery Box. Sweet or Savoury Pressure Test. With both of their two dishes received overall praise, Brent and Laura advanced to the Finals. Food Art Week 4. Unlike any other Pressure Test, there was no recipe provided and they don’t get to either guess or know the characteristics of this dish. Top 24 Mystery Box Challenge and Invention Test – The Top 24 got their first challenge, the five winners from previous seasons each chose their personal core ingredients for the Mystery Box:

The year-old nutritional coach was eliminated after a bizarre croquembouche pressure test against Colin Sheppard and Jamie Fleming. The blue team, led by Jamie, did well throughout the challenge however, their dishes also had issues but the judges were impressed with the quality of their dishes. They had to cook a Mexican savoury dish in the first round. In addition, the Immunity Challenges were expanded to have a preliminary round between three contestants before the winner moved on to cook for immunity against a professional chef. Colin, Kira and Jamie. Ultimately, Byron’s cooking of the venison saved him in the competition and Steven was eliminated. Try 10 All Access. The Most Memorable Pressure Tests.

MasterChef Episode 40 The judges give Jamie some advice.

Tracy’s power was to give each contestant a partial recipe of an element to the dish. By two hours and forty-five minutes, the Blue Team are still deciding their menu and struggled to prep their main.

Lemon recipes australia and Croquembouche. See more of tenplay’s snappy shot selection.


Croquembouche 2014

Season 10 First Look. Counting Sheep Eeason by: The five other contestants whose dishes had technical issues that failed to impress the judges will not compete in the second round and were eliminated.

Judge’s Audition Part 2. Mystery Box Liquorice and Chicken.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Find a proven recipe from Tasty Query! It was Scott’s chocolate ganache tart that won the challenge.

Food Art Week 9. It was Brent, Rachael and Renae who delivered the creativity with their Thai prawn dishes. Watch a video on How to Make a Croquembouche below: Unfortunately, the lack of sauce derailed the harmony of the elements and failed to match the quality of Marco’s dish which was enough for Byron to be eliminated.

Two Cloche Clash Elimination. Queen Vic Night Market Challenge. Billie McKay’s Mystery Box.

Best Of Sweet Week. Immunity Challenge with Duncan Welgemoed. Tracy’s Chicken Ballotine earned positive reviews while the judges criticized Colin’s Chicken Pithivier however, they couldn’t taste Sarah’s Chicken Roulade due to the vroquembouche being raw.

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Retrieved 4 July The third course was to cook a dessert with ginger and the use of liquid nitrogen. Emelia and Georgia, both thrive in desserts, elect themselves as captains, and instruct their teams to design their desserts in each course.

Matt’s salad was praised for the quality of the dish and highlighting the core ingredient, but lacked balance to taste. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Byron was condemned for his panicked plating besides his missing figs while Steven, despite being motivated with his choice of dish, flustered weason delivered saeson dessert with poorly executed elements.


Khanh’s Exit Interview Khanh talks to us about his best moments from the show plus he shares his foodie dreams for the future. On MasterChef Australia, the verdict is in from the judges and who gets the chop. Ultimately, Tracy became the first contestant to be sent to the elimination round due to the lack of balance in her dish.

The Ultimate Dessert Recreation. Kylie Kwong regularly appeared as a mentor during the Immunity Challenge episodes in addition to a recurring role as a guest judge. It was Laura’s time and precision of finely dicing her onion that won her the chance to cook against Michelin star chef Donovan Cooke of The Atlantic Restaurant in Melbourne.

Mystery Box Challenge and Breakfast Invention Test – Contestants have 30 minutes astralia cook a dish with the use of the following ingredients from the Mystery box: They had to make the French pastry without the complete recipe. The best three dishes were made by Laura, Jamie and Ben, who won with his dish.